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Properties that are listed for sale but they may not be advertised through mainstream channels such as the major real estate websites.

Why a property may be listed off-market

1. Pre-market: The gap between when an agent secures a listing and implementing a comprehensive property marketing campaign. The property is officially for sale but only a limited number of people know about it while the marketing materials are being produced.

2. Affordability: Some sellers choose to sell off-market due to budget reasons, avoiding the upfront costs associated with property marketing.

3. Privacy: There are sellers that seek a more discreet approach. They may not want friends, family or neighbours knowing their property is for sale or they wish to protect their privacy by avoiding open for inspections. Others don’t have an urgency to sell, relying on an agent’s network of buyers in place of an advertising campaign.

Yes. Off-market is a well-known real estate term that refers to properties that are for sale, but they’re not typically advertised through the mainstream real estate websites. Traditionally off-market properties are just marketed to an agent’s database of contacts.

While Listing Loop is designed to give buyers access to pre-market and off-market properties that are typically not advertised through the mainstream real estate websites, some agents choose to list their on-market properties on our platform as well as in other places. While a listing on a major website has wide reach, a listing on Listing Loop cuts through the clutter and gets directly into the hands of the most relevant and interested buyers.

It’s free! There are no costs for a buyer to use Listing Loop. Buyers receive an alert in real time the moment there’s a property that matches their specific homebuying needs. They also receive a free user dashboard to house their property matches and to manage their preferences.

You can sign up to Listing Loop from our homepage at and follow the simple prompts to specify what you’re looking for.

Alternatively, an agent may personally invite you to join Listing Loop by sending you an email or SMS. When you accept the invitation, that agent becomes your Agent Assist, your go-to free online agent resource.

Sign up takes approximately one minute.

You will be notified immediately by email the moment a matching property is live on Listing Loop. As soon as you receive the email, enquire right away. Get in before everyone else!

Login to your buyer dashboard and refine or broaden your property match criteria in your profile. Your buyer dashboard is your central hub from where you can adjust your settings at any time. It’s also where you can view all your property matches.

Simply change your status to “Inactive” in your profile. This button is located in the top righthand corner of your buyer dashboard. You can change it back to “Active” at any time.

Properties need to be unlocked to view more photos and to find out more. Simply click on the unlock button, which will then reveal all the property’s photos as well as details such as the address of the property, the location on a map, a description of the property’s features and the contact details of the selling agent.

When you unlock a property, the selling agent is notified of your potential interest. They may get in contact with you to see if you would like to learn more or to arrange a time to inspect the property.

We created Listing Loop to address one of the most common concerns among property buyers – not always hearing back from agents when they were interested in a property. With Listing Loop, when you unlock a property, the selling agent is notified of your potential interest. This allows them to connect with you via phone or email to answer any questions you may have and if you’re interested, arrange a time to inspect the property. Our priority is to help buyers receive awesome customer service. If you were simply browsing a property and an agent calls you, just let them know that was your intention.

Yes. If there’s multiple properties that interest you, go for it.

Yes. In your buyer dashboard you can enter as many different suburbs that you would like to discover matching properties.

Listing Loop is about matching buyers with the right properties suited to them, which includes pre-market and off-market properties that are not always advertised. This is what makes us different to the major real estate websites from where everyone is competing against one another for the same properties. Listing Loop offers more of a VIP, first-access approach to real estate. A buyer must register to use Listing Loop and nominate their property search criteria, which allows us to match them with the properties suited to their specific needs.

Another reason for protecting properties behind a login is to respect sellers that may be choosing to sell their property off-market due to privacy reasons. Their property is only matched to the most relevant and suitable buyers.

No. Listing Loop does not get involved in the sale of a property. Think of us as more of a connector. We bring buyers together with the properties that agents are selling.

An Agent Assist is free service that a buyer may choose to use at their discretion should they have any questions about buying their dream home. Simply connect via your Listing Loop buyer dashboard.

It is not the role of an Agent Assist to negotiate the purchase of a property. A buyer may however wish to talk to them separately about becoming their buyer’s agent.

The agent’s invitation you accept is up to you. When you accept an invitation, that agent becomes your Agent Assist, a free resource that you can use at your own discretion. Select an agent that you feel best understands your needs, the area you are looking to buy in and also consider their real estate experience.

Yes. You can change your Agent Assist at any time from your buyer dashboard. Simply click on your name in the top righthand corner, then click on “Change Agent Assist” which will take you to the page to do this. You can select a new Agent Assist by searching the name of an agent you know, the name of an agency or by your preferred suburb. Alternatively, we provide a selection of agents registered to Listing Loop that you can choose from.

You may have received an invitation to join Listing Loop from a finance broker or a property professional as an added value to their services. Listing Loop can support you in your property search by introducing you to pre-market and off-market properties that you may not have discovered and by matching you to the properties most relevant to you. Listing Loop is ideal for active in-market buyers that want to save time and cut through the clutter.

No. Your property must be listed by a practicing licenced real estate agent. An agent can list your property for sale immediately with our no sale no charge property advertising model. In other words, you can advertise your property right away with no upfront fees. Listing Loop only charges an advertising fee upon settlement and if we brought you the buyer.

There are properties exclusively advertised on Listing Loop that you won’t find anywhere else. There are others that are listed on Listing Loop as well as the major real estate websites. It depends on the marketing strategy that the agent has developed with their seller.

Yes, you can list your property for sale on other real estate websites at the same time. Listing Loop will strengthen and complement your existing marketing campaign. Remember, with our no sale no charge property advertising model, there’s no financial risk to list your property on Listing Loop.

Listing Loop does not sell your personal information without your consent. When you sign up to Listing Loop our terms and conditions specify that the selling agent will receive your contact information depending on what you've set your privacy settings to when you unlock a property. Your contact details are also available to the agent or the referral partner (such as a finance broker or property professional) that invited you to join Listing Loop. This is in accordance with our terms and conditions allowing both the inviting agent and the selling agent to provide you with excellent customer service. Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. Please note that any Listing Loop partner programs that you opt into will receive your contact information.

If you would like to cancel your account please contact us at [email protected] along with your first and last name and email address associated with your account. Once the account has been cancelled we will confirm with you by email.

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