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April 11, 2021

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Your personal guide to buying off-market properties for sale in Melbourne

Buying a new home or investment property can be difficult, but with the rise of off-market properties for sale in Melbourne, savvy buyers are on the hunt for the best deal going around. In this guide, we’ll tell you what off-market properties for sale are, where you can find them and how you can get access to them before anyone else.

What are off-market properties for sale in Melbourne?

Real estate agents are always trying to provide a fantastic service to their vendors. As part of this service, some leading Melbourne real estate agents use a method of selling properties known as “off-market” in order to get the best possible price for their sellers – without spending a bucketload of money on advertising costs.

An off-market property is a property that is for sale (yes, it is for sale!) but you won’t see it publicly advertised. You may not even see a for-sale sign, but the vendor is still very much willing to sell.

Generally speaking, off-market is a method of selling where the seller chooses not to publicly advertise through mainstream open channels and instead trusts their leading Melbourne real estate agent to find buyers for them through other avenues.

Where can I buy off-market properties in Melbourne?

There are many places in Melbourne with off-market properties for sale, but it seems that off-market sales are particularly popular in the inner-city suburbs of Melbourne such as:

Many sellers in these areas want to sell their properties with a certain amount of secrecy and discretion or just want a quick sale. Therefore, leading Melbourne real estate agents are getting these properties in front of the right qualified buyers so savvy buyers need to make sure they are in the loop with all new off-market properties for sale in Melbourne.

How do I get access to off-market properties for sale in Melbourne?

A great place to start with getting access to off-market properties in Melbourne, is a platform such as Listing Loop. This is a platform where leading Melbourne real estate agencies promote their off-market properties, all in the one place, so you can find them all in the one location. With Listing Loop, you can set your property preferences to your exact wants/needs and wait for your dream home to find you from many local real estate agents in Melbourne.

As well as registering to Listing Loop, you can also go to each of the local real estate agencies in the areas you are looking to buy and sign up to their off-market property alerts or weekly newsletters. You can also contact each agent individually, let them know what you’re looking for and wait for them to contact you when something comes up.

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