Frequently Asked Questions

What are pre-market and off-market properties?

Properties that are listed for sale but they may not be advertised through mainstream channels such as the major real estate websites.

Why a property may be listed off-market:

  1. Pre-market: The gap between when an agent secures a listing and implementing a comprehensive property marketing campaign. The property is officially for sale but only a limited number of people know about it while the marketing materials are being produced.
  2. Affordability: Some sellers choose to sell off-market due to budget reasons, avoiding the upfront costs associated with property marketing.
  3. Privacy: There are sellers that seek a more discreet approach. They may not want friends, family or neighbours knowing their property is for sale or they wish to protect their privacy by avoiding open for inspections. Others don’t have an urgency to sell, relying on an agent’s network of buyers in place of an advertising campaign.
If it’s off the market is it really for sale?

Yes. Off-market is a well-known real estate term that refers to properties that are for sale, but they’re not typically advertised through the mainstream real estate websites. Traditionally off-market properties are just marketed to an agent’s database of contacts.

Are all properties on Listing Loop off-market?

While Listing Loop is designed to give buyers access to pre-market and off-market properties that are typically not advertised through the mainstream real estate websites, some agents choose to list their properties on our platform as well as in other places. While a listing on a major website has wide reach, a listing on Listing Loop cuts through the clutter and gets directly into the hands of the most relevant and interested buyers.

How much does it cost to use Listing Loop?

It’s free! There are no costs for a buyer to use Listing Loop. Buyers receive an alert in real time the moment there’s a property that matches their specific homebuying needs. They also receive a free user dashboard to house their property matches and to manage their preferences.

What is an Agent Assist?

An Agent Assist is free service that a buyer may choose to use at their discretion should they have any questions about buying their dream home. Simply connect via your Listing Loop buyer dashboard.

It is not the role of an Agent Assist to negotiate the purchase of a property. A buyer may however wish to talk to them separately about becoming their buyer’s agent.

How do I sign up to Listing Loop?

You can sign up to Listing Loop from our homepage at and follow the simple prompts to specify what you’re looking for.

Alternatively, an agent may personally invite you to join Listing Loop by sending you an email or SMS. When you accept the invitation, that agent becomes your Agent Assist, your go-to free online agent resource.

Sign up takes approximately one minute.

I’ve received multiple invitations from agents. Who do I choose?

The agent’s invitation you accept is up to you. When you accept an invitation, that agent becomes your Agent Assist, a free resource that you can use at your own discretion. Select an agent that you feel best understands your needs, the area you are looking to buy in and also consider their real estate experience.

Can I change my Agent Assist?

Yes. You can change your Agent Assist at any time from your buyer dashboard. Simply click on your name in the top righthand corner, then click on “Change Agent Assist” which will take you to the page to do this. You can select a new Agent Assist by searching the name of an agent you know, the name of an agency or by your preferred suburb. Alternatively, we provide a selection of agents registered to Listing Loop that you can choose from.

I received an invitation from a finance broker/property professional. What does this mean?

You may have received an invitation to join Listing Loop from a finance broker or a property professional as an added value to their services.  Listing Loop can support you in your property search by introducing you to pre-market and off-market properties that you may not have discovered and by matching you to the properties most relevant to you. Listing Loop is ideal for active in-market buyers that want to save time and cut through the clutter.


When will I be notified of a matching property?

You will be notified immediately by email the moment a matching property is live on Listing Loop. As soon as you receive the email, enquire right away. Get in before everyone else!

What if I’m getting too many or too few matching properties?

Login to your buyer dashboard and refine or broaden your property match criteria in your profile. Your buyer dashboard is your central hub from where you can adjust your settings at any time. It’s also where you can view all your property matches.

I’m going on holiday or I want to pause my alerts for matching properties. How do I stop them?

Simply change your status to “Inactive” in your profile. This button is located in the top righthand corner of your buyer dashboard. You can change it back to “Active” at any time.

Why can’t I see more than one property photo in a property listing?

Properties need to be unlocked to view more photos and to find out more. Simply click on the unlock button, which will then reveal all the property’s photos as well as details such as the address of the property, the location on a map, a description of the property’s features and the contact details of the selling agent.

When you unlock a property, the selling agent is notified of your potential interest. They may get in contact with you to see if you would like to learn more or to arrange a time to inspect the property.

Why am I being contacted by an agent when I unlock a property?

We created Listing Loop to address one of the most common concerns among property buyers – not always hearing back from agents when they were interested in a property. With Listing Loop, when you unlock a property, the selling agent is notified of your potential interest. This allows them to connect with you via phone or email to answer any questions you may have and if you’re interested, arrange a time to inspect the property. Our priority is to help buyers receive awesome customer service. If you were simply browsing a property and an agent calls you, just let them know that was your intention.

Can I unlock multiple properties?

Yes. If there’s multiple properties that interest you, go for it. 

Can I be matched to properties in different suburbs?

Yes. In your buyer dashboard you can enter up to five different suburbs that you would like to discover matching properties.

Why can’t I see the properties for sale on Listing Loop without being signed in?

Listing Loop is about matching buyers with the right properties suited to them, which includes pre-market and off-market properties that are not always advertised. This is what makes us different to the major real estate websites from where everyone is competing against one another for the same properties. Listing Loop offers more of a VIP, first-access approach to real estate. A buyer must register to use Listing Loop and nominate their property search criteria, which allows us to match them with the properties suited to their specific needs.

Another reason for protecting properties behind a login is to respect sellers that may be choosing to sell their property off-market due to privacy reasons. Their property is only matched to the most relevant and suitable buyers.

Does Listing Loop get involved in the transaction between the buyer and the selling agent?

No. Listing Loop does not get involved in the sale of a property. Think of us as more of a connector. We bring buyers together with the properties that agents are selling.

Can I sell my property on Listing Loop without an agent?

No. Your property must be listed by a practicing licenced real estate agent. An agent can list your property for sale immediately with our no sale no charge property advertising model. In other words, you can advertise your property right away with no upfront fees. Listing Loop only charges an advertising fee upon settlement and if we brought you the buyer.

Are properties on Listing Loop advertised on other real estate websites?

There are properties exclusively advertised on Listing Loop that you won’t find anywhere else. There are others that are listed on Listing Loop as well as the major real estate websites. It depends on the marketing strategy that the agent has developed with their seller.

Can I list my property on other real estate websites if I’m already on Listing Loop?

Yes, you can list your property for sale on other real estate websites at the same time. Listing Loop will strengthen and complement your existing marketing campaign. Remember, with our no sale no charge property advertising model, there’s no financial risk to list your property on Listing Loop.

What do you do with my personal information?

Listing Loop does not sell your personal information without your consent. When you sign up to Listing Loop our terms and conditions specify that the selling agent will receive your contact information when you unlock a property. Your contact details are also available to the agent or the referral partner (such as a finance broker or property professional) that invited you to join Listing Loop. This is in accordance with our terms and conditions allowing both the inviting agent and the selling agent to provide you with excellent customer service. Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. Please note that any Listing Loop partner programs that you opt into will receive your contact information.


How do I cancel my account?

If you would like to cancel your account please contact us at [email protected] along with your first and last name and email address associated with your account. Once the account has been cancelled we will confirm with you by email.


Why are so many agents using Listing Loop?

Listing Loop is Australia’s first buyer industry database which allows agents to advertise their vendors’ properties for sale under a no sale, no charge success-based advertising model. It’s the platform where agents pay for a result, not an advertising space. No buyer on Listing Loop, no fee.

Listing Loop is also the first platform to pay an agent up to 50 percent of its advertising revenue when a buyer purchases a property from within the Listing Loop network and from outside of their agency.

How much does it cost?

There are no property subscription fees or lock-in contracts to use Listing Loop. With our no sale no charge advertising model, you can upload a listing from your desktop or smartphone in as little as 30 seconds. You can even do this before you’ve left a listing presentation meeting.

Listing Loop does not charge any fees for residential properties advertised unless we bring a buyer to you and the property sells through our portal. This fee is 0.22 per cent of the sale price which is capped for properties $1 million and above. The most you will pay for advertising on Listing Loop is $2,200 including GST.

Payment is due at settlement or 90 days from the contract of sale, whichever is earlier. This is a marketing cost which can be covered by Vendor Paid Advertising (VPA).

Can Listing Loop be vendor paid advertising?

Absolutely! We have created an Advertising Expense Schedule that you can add to your appraisal kit to ensure the Listing Loop advertising fee is covered by VPA. To get a Listing Loop Advertising Expense Schedule please contact us at [email protected] or call our office at 1300 MY LOOP (1300 695 667).

Can you provide me an example of how the advertising fee works?

Listing Loop’s success-based advertising fee is 0.22% of the maximum price range that a property is advertised for, or the final sale price. Listing Loop will base the 0.22% of the lower of the two prices. For example, a selling agent may advertise a property at a fixed price of $1,000,000, of which the 0.22% would be applied. If a selling agent advertises a price range such as $950,000-$1,000,000 and the property sells for $950,000, the 0.22% would be applied to this price as it’s the lower of the two scenarios.

Should you be selling a property for $1,000,000 or more, the advertising fee is capped. The most you will pay for advertising on Listing Loop is $2,200 including GST.

Does Listing Loop invoice me or my agency?

Listing Loop will only invoice agencies, not individual agents for advertising fees when a property sells through our portal. It’s important that you seek approval from your agency principal and that the principal signs off on our advertising agreement prior to uploading properties to Listing Loop.

How do I get started?

Easy! Simply click on the ‘Sign Up’ button on our homepage or on the agent page and follow the quick and easy prompts to register. At the end of the registration we’ll verify your account to validate that you’re licensed and that all your details match up. Alternatively, you can contact our support team on 1300 MY LOOP (1300 695 667) or email us here.

How do I list a property on Listing Loop?

Login to your agent dashboard, click on the properties tab on the side bar navigation and then click the “Add Property” button. From there, simply follow the easy step-by-step prompts to “Upload a Property”. You can even do this while you’re at the property from your smartphone. Simply enter the property’s address, the sale price and specifics such as the number of bedrooms, bathrooms and car spaces. You can also use photos taken from your smartphone. Uploading a property to Listing Loop is designed to be as easy and efficient as possible complementing the way you work. Once the property is uploaded make sure you change the status to “Publish” and the property will immediately be sent out to the database of matching buyers.

Click here for a short video on how to list a property.

Can I add my existing listings on Listing Loop?

Yes! All of your current listings can be added to Listing Loop too. Just be sure to let your vendors know about our no sale no charge advertising fee as your agency will be liable for the advertising fee should a registered buyer unlock your property and purchase it while you have a valid sales authority. Property matching through Listing Loop will ensure your property gets directly in front of the most relevant buyers.

Can private sellers list their properties on Listing Loop?

No. Listing Loop has been designed to support the work of agents. If you become aware of any agents or listings that you believe are not registered, please email [email protected]

I don’t sell many properties off-market. Can I still use Listing Loop?

Absolutely. You can use Listing Loop as a pre-market strategy, which is the gap between securing a listing and embarking on a fully-fledged marketing campaign.

Additionally, we are receiving consistent feedback from agents that Listing Loop is a highly effective tool to win more listings with our industry-first no sale no charge advertising model. Some are using Listing Loop to earn an additional income stream by inviting their buyers to the system.

How can I use Listing Loop as a pre-market strategy?

While many agents take advantage of Listing Loop’s property matching for purely off-market campaigns, others choose to use our portal as a pre-market strategy. This is the gap between securing a listing and implementing a marketing campaign. The property is officially for sale but only a limited number of people know about it while you’re producing the marketing materials. This pre-market period is also a good time to gauge the level of interest in a property and to gather feedback.

Is my data protected on Listing Loop?

Your data, such as the property address and sale price, is protected behind a login. It won’t show up in Google searches therefore eliminating the time wasters and sticky beaks. To view a property a buyer must register their details, nominate their home buying criteria and then we match them to the properties most relevant to them.

What happens when I list a property?

The moment your property is listed on Listing Loop registered buyers will be instantly alerted if the property matches their specific needs. If a buyer is interested in learning more, they will “unlock” the property and you will receive their enquiry. We recommend checking in within five minutes of the lead coming in to provide further information and assistance.

How should I handle an unlock lead?

When you receive an unlock property lead, we recommend getting in touch with the buyer to acknowledge that you noticed they expressed interest in the property by unlocking it. Offer your support to answer any questions they may have. Many agents have sold properties by being proactive with their buyer leads, therefore we recommended contacting the buyer within five minutes of the lead coming in. Who knows, the buyer may also be a seller!

Tell me more about how Listing Loop gives half the advertising fee back to the industry.

Up to 50% of the 0.22% advertising fee goes to the Agent Assist, who is the agent that invited and is assisting the purchasing buyer via Listing Loop. For example, a property sells for $1,000,000 and 0.22% of $1,000,000 = $2,200. 50% goes to Listing Loop for the advertising fee = $1,100 (inc. GST) and 50% goes to the Agent Assist = $1,100 (inc. GST).

What is an Agent Assist?

An Agent Assist is an online resource (like an online chat) for a buyer that helps agents build a relationship with their online registered buyers.  When you invite a buyer to Listing Loop and when they accept your invitation, you become their Agent Assist. This links them to you should they buy property through Listing Loop and allows you to be paid up to 50% of the Listing Loop advertising fee. This fee is paid by the selling agent when the buyer you invited to Listing Loop purchases a property through the platform. A buyer may get in touch with you via your dashboard to ask general questions. We see this as an opportunity to build a relationship with this buyer who may then also become your vendor.

It is not the role of an Agent Assist to negotiate the purchase of a property. A buyer may wish to talk to you separately about becoming their buyer’s agent.

Can I become an Agent Assist as an individual agent?

Individual agents can become an Agent Assist. We do encourage you to talk to your principal to seek their approval to use Listing Loop.

How do I invite buyers and get them assigned to me?

Your agent dashboard is your central hub from where you can choose how you would like to invite buyers to Listing Loop. You can personally invite your buyers by email (either individually or via bulk email uploads), SMS or via your own unique URL invitation link. You can share your unique URL invitation link via group communication or even include it in your weekly newsletter. When a buyer accepts your invitation by registering, they are automatically assigned to you for life. Please don’t hesitate to contact our team for tips on how to best invite buyers. We also have a suggested script that you can personalise and adapt.  Contact [email protected] or call our office on 1300 MY LOOP (1300 695 667).

What do you mean when you say a buyer is linked to you “for life”?

To reward the agent that first invited a purchasing buyer to Listing Loop, they will continue to be paid every time that buyer purchases property through Listing Loop under their initial agency, whether that buyer purchases two, five or more properties.

When will I get paid as part of the affiliate program?

When a property sells through Listing Loop, we receive the vendor paid advertising fee either within 90 days or at settlement (whichever is earlier) of the property becoming unconditional from the listing agent. Upon receiving this fee, Listing Loop then pays your agency the Agent Assist fees within 14 days. Your agency is responsible for directing this payment to you.

What happens if I introduce a buyer and they then select another agent?

The original inviting agent will always receive 25% of the Agent Assist fee when their buyer purchases a property advertised on Listing Loop given that agent is still employed under the same agency. This is because the original inviting agent introduced the buyer to the platform.

What happens if a buyer purchases a property and has changed their Agent Assist?

If a buyer signed up to Listing Loop under one agent, but decided to change to another Agent Assist, the fee is split between the two (25% and 25%). To acknowledge that the first agent invited the buyer to Listing Loop, they are entitled to 25% of the Agent Assist fee, even if the property sells under the guidance of the second agent. For example, agent 1 receives 25% (0.055%) and agent 2 receives 25% (0.055%).

What happens to my role as an Agent Assist if I move to another agency?

Your buyer will be assigned to another agent within your original agency. However, they will be notified of your move and can elect to re-appoint you as their Agent Assist.


Will you reveal my buyers’ details to another agent?

We immensely respect and understand the value of your database. The contact details that your buyers’ wish to share when they sign up to Listing Loop will only be revealed to the listing agent for properties they unlock/enquire on.

Will you sell my buyers’ personal contact details?

NO! We respect both the privacy of the buyer and your contact information. This is a major offence under the Privacy Act. Please refer to our Privacy Policy. We will only ever use a buyer’s information to contact them through the Listing Loop platform if we need to.

Do you offer a premium profile service where I can boost my profile or property listings?

Yes, we have a number of social media boost services available, such as Amplify. Contact your Agent Success Manager to learn more or email [email protected]

What does it mean to “Amplify” a property?

Amplify is our unique social media product for Facebook and Instagram. It is different to other social media advertising products because we pull audience data sets from the Listing Loop buyer pool as well as highly targeted and niche Facebook data sets targeting relevant buyers in the areas you have properties for sale. Only those that are identified as the most relevant potential buyers based on their characteristics will see the ads – not everyone.

Amplify aligns with Listing Loop being a portal for pre-market and off-market properties. Our social media ads are a ‘teaser’ encouraging a potential buyer to click through. Property data such as the address continues to be secured behind a login.

This product is simple, fast and flexible with social media packages starting from as low as $150. We develop the creative, write the copy and an expert campaign manager oversees your campaign from start to finish.

Do you have any resources that I can give my vendors and buyers?

We have digital brochures that outline how Listing Loop benefits vendors and buyers. Contact us at [email protected] or call our office on 1300 MY LOOP (1300 695 667) and we’ll be happy to email these to you.

Can I receive training on how to use the Listing Loop platform?

Absolutely! We highly recommend that anyone using Listing Loop does a quick live 15- minute Zoom demonstration to ensure you know how to use the portal to your maximum advantage. Please click on the Book a Demo link or contact [email protected] or call our office at 1300 MY LOOP (1300 695 667) to arrange a time that works best for you.