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Prospecting made easy. Forget hours of cold calls. Valuable data to know who to call and when.

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Your properties directly into the hands of qualified, high-intent and finance-approved matching buyers. We deliver over 750,000 property match alerts to buyers each month.

More time

Properties listed in less than 30 seconds. Our world-leading smart tech offers ease, efficiency and flexibility. Do business in real-time on the go.

One click to sync your current listings

Listing Loop offers seamless integration with all the major CRMs.

Listing Loop is not your standard portal

We play by your rules.

We don’t force you to play

by ours.


Real-time data that generates

business for you

Real-time data that generates

business for you

Technology that anticipates action. Built to do business in

real-time from anywhere and on any device.

Instant buyer demand

for your properties

We deliver over 750,000 property match alerts to buyers each month - buyers who are hungry for off-market and pre-market opportunities. Unlike other portals, our buyers sign up to see properties. They share what they’re looking for, their timeline and if they’re finance-approved.

Win more business

Our live data intelligence centre identifies both buyer and seller opportunities. Real-time lead scoring on every engaged lead helps you best utilise your time to create conversations with high-converting clients. Don’t waste time prospecting clients that aren’t ready. Increase your conversion rate by showing new clients the number of matching buyers that are waiting for a property likes theirs.

Sell faster

List and be in front of hungry buyers in 30 seconds…the moment your sales authority has been signed. There’s no need to wait for professional photos. Simply take and upload photos directly from your smart phone. If they need prettying up, just use our photo touch up filters.

You’re in control

If you need to adjust the sales price based on real-time buyer feedback, no worries. All properties listed on our platform are secured behind a login. This means any changes won’t show up in a Google search nor leave the price open for opportunistic buyer negotiation.


Consider us your brand marketing


Consider us your brand marketing


Just like having your very own marketing support – only more

affordable and accessible. We offer lots of cool stuff to make your

brand stand out from the crowd.

Social media campaigns done for you

We make social media campaigns easy with a one-click integration. It’s perfect for those that aren’t experienced at social media, but also a huge time saver for those that typically do it themselves. Get your property in front of the right people at the right time.

Focus on selling at OFIs — not collecting contact information

Listing Loop’s open for inspection app offers fast QR code check-ins with data synced back to your CRM. Check-in details are verified to avoid incorrect entries and fake phone numbers. The app also allows you to generate property brochures that can either be printed or shown digitally at the door. Post-inspection, the app can generate and send to the potential buyer a “thank you for attending” text message with your contact details and the link to the property.

Save time with canned response templates

Repeatedly writing or copying and pasting the same responses is a time suck. Save time on common questions with our canned text message response templates. We’ve got you covered on topics such as further information requests, offer received announcements, FOMO on a property and messages to arrange a private inspection or attend an open for inspection.

Got an offer

broadcast alerts

Let all interested buyers know you’ve received an offer with our unique broadcast alert feature. The alert offers a sense of urgency to prompt other potential buyers to get in fast. Send an alert with just one click.

Real easy money

To add value to your clients, we have tools that allow you to invite them to join Listing Loop. To reward you for your invitation, we pay you a referral fee when one of your clients takes advantage of our other brands ‘in the Loop’, such as if they secure financing for a home loan through Lending Loop.

See... We are different

to other portals

We've got your back

What do I get with my subscription?

Unlimited off-market and pre-market property listings
Instant access to a verified database of high-intent buyers
CRM integration (1-way)
CRM integration (2-way)
Direct property uploads in 30 seconds. Syncs to your CRM
Custom branded agent hub (device compatible incl. apps)
Make an offer and chat hub
Canned communication responses
Property integration into your personal social media pages
One click social media ad creation + boost
Personalised open for inspection app incl. QR codes + free SMS
Post inspection 'thank you' SMS's (free)
In-App video posting (coming soon)
In-App video ad creation for social media incl. posting (coming soon)
Available for both individual agents and agencies
Vendor lead capture
Real time lead scoring on every engaged lead
Data-driven appraisal opportunities
Contact ranking
Vendor follow-up scheduling
Buyer activity tracking
Member insights
Got an offer broadcast alerts
Social media lead capture forms
Onboarding training
Dedicated account manager
Priority leads via the Seller Assist program
Call us at
1300 695 667
Call us at
1300 695 667
Call us at
1300 695 667

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Disclaimer: Statistics, including monthly match alerts are based on internal data.
While the platform may identify finance approved buyers, not every buyer engaging within the platform will be finance approved including those who don't require finance at all.