What is an off-market property?

July 12, 2022

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What is an off-market property?

As the name suggests, off-market properties are "off-market" in that they aren't being advertised for sale to the general public.

So, there are no shiny billboards, brochures or online ads spruiking their fantastic opportunities and possibilities.

NB: there are two kinds of off-market properties: pre-market when the house is officially for sale but isn't advertised a great deal - at least, not yet.

Then there are "pure" off-market possibilities when properties are not being widely advertised at all.

Either way, off-market properties are essentially a hidden real estate secret - or are they? Many consider them to be exclusive, or VIP property experiences.

Why you should buy off-market

The hot seller's market of the last two years is still only gradually transitioning to a buyer's market with plenty of extraordinarily high prices for the few properties available on the market.

So, what's a buyer to do but hunt down hidden secrets such as off-market properties?

While they're not widely advertised, your hunt comes with many benefits, not the least of which is:

1. Less competition so you'll get in first, not last

We've come to the pointy end of the market when off-market properties are surging in popularity.

But there's still far less competition in the off-market property world than in the wide-open one of marketed, or "on-market" properties.

Think not only fewer buyers beside you raising their hands at auctions, but fewer crowds - if any - at open for inspections.

Buying off-market gives you more time to consider your options amidst less stress and anxiety; organise home loans and private inspections; and most importantly of all, find that special home, ideal for you or your investment interests.

2. Better chance of great purchase

Selling off-market doesn't mean sellers don't care about a good sale - but at the same time, less competition can mean buyers are less likely to pay through the roof (pardon the pun) for a home.

3. Swifter transaction

This is one for both off-market buyers and sellers.

With less competition, off-market buyers can often work more closely with off-market sellers than their on-market neighbours.

This can result in swifter, smoother and quieter transactions for both players.

What is an off-market property?
What is an off-market property? Many consider buying and selling off-market to be more of an exclusive, VIP experience, yet also less stressful. You can find your dream home from the comfort of your home.

Why you should sell off-market

Sellers, your initial thought on doing this off-market thang may well be, "How will I sell my house if it's not advertised?"

And that's fair enough but as we've just said, the off-market buyer world is more popular and well-known than ever before.

And with the right people by your side - aka your Listing Loop team! - you'll be celebrating a great sale much sooner than you think for a property that's never been advertised.

And there are a bunch of other benefits to selling off-market too, such as:

1. More privacy, less stress

Does anyone like massive crowds of strangers plunging through their home, especially on precious weekends?


And with most people already time-poor, who wants to spend hours preparing their house for open for inspections?

Add the stress it takes to organise your home for inspections, and the simplicity of off-market house inspections is the bee's knees for many off-market sellers.

This point is particularly important for sellers who are only selling because of financial, familial or health issues and definitely don't need the added drama of inspections or auctions.

2. Less advertising fees

This is another crucial selling point for off-market sellers.

The cost of advertising - and often, styling too - can quickly add up.

And with today's high cost of living expenses and all the other high financial details that come with selling and moving, the thought of not coughing up expensive upfront advertising fees has been a dreamboat for many an off-market seller.

3. Faster sale

Not having to wait for ad descriptions and details, or hoping and waiting for high advertising exposure is a fantastic way to reduce the time of a sales transaction.

Off-market sales also mean you don't have to wait for an auction - or worse, wait for further weeks or months after a failed auction.

With off-market sales, it's ready, set, go, with off-market buyers just as eager as you to achieve a great sale and a new dream home. The moment your property is listed on Listing Loop, it's matched to the most qualified and suitable in-market buyers. Your listing bypasses the time wasters and dreamers who waste hours looking at their dream homes as a hobby.

How you can buy off-market

With Listing Loop, both buying and selling off-market is easy peasy!

Buyers, here are some big benefits to contacting us ASAP:

1. VIP access

You'll be the first one to know when a property is for sale - and by that, we mean they haven't hit real estate sites or there's For Sale signboards out.

It's just you, the property and the seller with you - the buyer - having exclusive access to these properties.

What's more, this same property remains off-market throughout our campaign.

2. We do it all for you

Along with the fewer stressful moments that most off-market buyers appreciate, with Listing Loop, you'll get your weekends back time-wise as well.

We do all the hard yards for you - for free, by the way! - from finding a perfect property to sending you agent details who can then organise a private inspection.

That's right - no need to battle inspection and auction crowds or spend hours poring over a computer immersed in investigative research on a sunny weekend.

And if even a private inspection sounds too much for you, why not enlist the aid of our fabulous Buyer Assist service, wherein our buyer advocates check out off-market homes for you and even handle all the assessments and negotiations.

On this note, we're also rather proud of our Perfect Match option for buyers, in which - similar to the corny 1980s tv series of the same name - buyers tap in their dream property's key points and voila!

Enter your dream (off-market) property.

How you can sell off-market

Sellers, of course, we haven't forgotten you!

Similar to our buyers, we give you VIP access to only genuine, committed buyers and not the "whateves" ones plus we do all the hard yards of selling for you with our Seller Assist service, leaving your weekends stress-free and no longer time-poor.

We also review the best agents we can find for your property and your area and then hand the ball over to you to choose your favourite agent.

If (heaven forbid!) you don't like them for whatever reason, no worries - we can recommend you to additional top-performing agents to choose from who will ensure your property receives the best price.

And that's not all - we hold your hand to the end with help with settlement assistance.

Most importantly, it's all for free!

We're here to help

We are experts at holding the hands of people just like you with our off-market and pre-market marketplace.

So, if you're not a member yet, sign up for free at Listing Loop or download our app.

First-home buyers, investors and refinancers, we've got your property back too so get in touch with us here.


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