Top 3 benefits of selling off-market

May 31, 2021

An alternative way to sell your home

Are you ready to sell your home, but feeling overwhelmed with the daunting process ahead?

Do you need to make a quick sale and avoid weeks or months of marketing?

Are you eager to keep your costs down?

At Listing Loop, we’re familiar with the frustrations involved. That’s why we strongly believe in the benefits of selling homes off-market. To put it simply, selling ‘off-market’ refers to properties not publicly advertised across the mainstream real estate channels.

Here are just 3 key benefits of selling homes off-market:

1. Make a quick sale

In some situations, sellers are eager to get the property off their hands quickly. It might be due to a family or financial situation or the urgent need to relocate across the city, interstate, or overseas for work.

If this relates to you, selling your home off-market gives you the opportunity to sell quickly and avoid a long sales cycle. You don’t have to wait for all the marketing materials such as professional photography, signboards and online listings to be completed, nor wait for the exposure to build up prior to hosting a series of Open Homes.

You’ll work with your real estate agent to come up with the best strategy for you. Your agent will have established relationships with a network of potential buyers to connect with and advise about your unique property.

2. Save money

Selling off-market means you don’t need to invest in all of the expensive on-market real estate marketing.

We don’t just mean skipping the property photography and listing costs. You can also avoid spending money on storage of items when decluttering, or sourcing new furniture to attract the attention of potential buyers.

For anyone seeking off-market properties, they don’t expect to be dazzled. Off-market buyers who come through your home are more likely to be focused on particular criteria, rather than decorations.

With Listing Loop, you can save even more money by listing your property for sale with no upfront advertising fees. Plus, you’ll be putting your property directly in front of a captive audience of qualified and ready buyers. Ask your agent or contact us to find out more.

3. Maintain privacy

Selling your property off-market is a much less intrusive approach.

If you have a high-profile or found yourself stuck in a sticky situation with a family member, off-market selling allows you to avoid any unwanted publicity and maintain your privacy.

Make an off-market sale work for you

You might be wondering how to kick off the off-market selling process.

With traditional off-market selling, you partner with an agent and let them bring buyers to you from within their own database of contacts.

However, with Listing Loop, you will have access to buyers from not just your agent, but also from agents across the whole Mornington Peninsula, Frankston, and City of Casey regions - with more regions launching soon.

These are buyers that come from the databases of all agents who have been invited to join Listing Loop because they are looking to purchase off-market. You’ll still work with your agent while having the opportunity to market your property to a broader network of qualified buyers. This means you can create more competition and attract a higher price in a lot less time.

We're here to help

Whether you choose to head to a conveyancer or solicitor for buying and selling assistance, we're always happy to help with all the dramas and stressors of house buying and selling.

And if you're particularly tired of house-hunting, we've even partnered with buyer advocates who can check out homes for you and organise sales assessments and negotiations.

Our off-market and pre-market marketplace gives you VIP access to properties so you can get in first.

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