Who’s your Perfect (Real Estate) Match?

May 3, 2022

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Reality TV shows are incredibly popular these days and dating shows, in particular, have hit the market big time.

Whether it's meeting a farmer who wants a wife or "marrying" a total stranger, viewers remain enthralled by watching love come to life before their eyes.

While here at Listing Loop, we love nothing more than a good romance, perfect matches between people and homes are what we're all about.

That's why we've come up with a new plan to make finding your ideal Mr or Miss Right House super easy!

Read on to find out more (NB: cringing is perfectly acceptable)

Should I be concerned about this new plan?

Not at all - in fact, we think you should be excited or at least impressed!


Well, Listing Loop is already all about making the stresses of buying or selling your house easy peasy through easy access to off-market, pre-market and secret listings - and this goes for first-home buyers, owner-occupiers and investors.

We're proud to already have our Buyer Assist and Seller Assist services in place as unique five-star concepts.

But wait, there's more!

We've got an even fresher take on real estate for you called... (drum roll....) Perfect Match.

Cringeworthy 1980s dating show or fantastic idea?

Yes, we admit, we dubbed our new house buying plan after the 1980s dating game show of the same name as so many of Listing Loop team members remember watching it in their younger days.

The original show aired on weeknights in 1984-1989 and was hosted by Greg Evans and his sidekick matchmaking robot, Dexter, who helped couples find, you guessed it, their perfect match.

(Admit it, if you're around 45 years old or more, this is all coming back to you now).

Both the man and woman would sit behind a screen and ask their potential matches a few scripted questions.

Dexter would then calculate their top "compatibility score" and the pair would finally meet each other with their prize being a holiday together.

List your (real estate) perfect match

Sadly, we don't have a Dexter robot on our Listing Loop team but we do have 21st century technology and a passion for perfect real estate matches - and we don't hide you behind a screen either before you meet this match!

Here's what our Perfect Match concept is all about and how it can help you.

Simply put, all you need to do is tap in your dream home's key points such as the preferred suburb or general region, along with a specified number of bedrooms, bathrooms, garage size and more.

You can then set up alerts so that you're notified as soon as your Perfect (Real Estate) match hits the market.

And NB: since we mostly deal with off-market properties, these matches won't actually have been listed yet so you'll see them before any other buyers do!

No cringes, no compatibility questions, no match-making robots: just your perfect home delivered to your door (well, to your Listing Loop personal property hub anyway).

Not bad, hey!

We're here to help

We've always loved doing the hard work for you when it comes to finding your ideal property.

But with our Perfect Match service, we believe we really have gone one better as we can now find properties specifically suited to your every need before they’re even listed.

(And did we mention this can all be done with just a few clicks on your keyboard?)

That's because Listing Loop excels in helping people access off-market, pre-market and secret listings.

All you have to do is log in to your personal property hub.

And did we mention all of our services come for free?

As well, our brand new sister company, Moving Loop, can help source removalists, cleaning and disconnecting (and connecting) power while our other sister company, Lending Loop, can source lending deals from all over the country.

So, get in touch with us here, or if you're not a member yet, sign up for free at Listing Loop or download our app.


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