How does Seller Assist work?

April 26, 2022

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So, you've decided to sell your home - but you're almost wishing you hadn't because who has the time, let alone the energy, to spend hours researching and planning?

Not you, that's for sure!

But you've made the right decision in selling especially when the real estate market is still relatively hot - or at least not super soft (thank Reserve Bank of Australia's long-running 0.1% cash rate along with COVID for that!)

You just need to swerve your plan slightly by throwing the ball to Listing Loop's Seller Assist service.

Read on to find out more.

What is Seller Assist?

Yes, nobody told you there would be days like this and we're hearing you about that!

That's why we recently created our Seller Assist service.

Like our similarly helpful service for buyers, Seller Assist is all about handing your home selling stresses to us.

And while Seller Assist is just one service, we are in fact a big team who can sort through a multitude of sales agents for you.

We can also help you with an abundance of details, big and small, that first-time vendors, in particular, may overlook.

This includes styling your house for inspections and auctions as well as settlement support.

So basically, you get a stack load of help from just one service.

Oh, and did we mention both this service - and your property's listing on our site - are free as a bird?

Admit it, you're impressed already, aren't you?

How exactly can Seller's Assist help me?

Firstly, we can literally and figuratively hold your hand through what can be a very stressful period for you.

Our Seller Assist team is independent and smart and we have plenty of experience in all the ins and outs of the fantastic industry called real estate

So, we'll talk with you about why and how you want to sell; where you're at financially; your real estate hopes for the future; and your price expectations.

We'll also give your tips and advice on all these issues.

Secondly, we'll give you back your weekends (and weeknights) so you can slouch on the couch with your family - or just read a good book and eat an ice cream - and happily take up the following dramas for you:

  • finding a sales agent
  • listing your property
  • property presentation
  • settlement assistance
Seller Assist saves you time by finding you the right real estate agent to sell your property

A good agent can be hard to find

Yes, where is a good man when you need one - oh, I mean a good agent?

Luckily, our Seller Assist service ensures good agents are not nearly as hard to find as you might think.

Even better, we do all the agent research and calls for you, evaluating a bunch of them for you including going through their sales data - and we're talking the stuff that ain't publicly available!

We also look at their listings and client reviews, all so we can sort the good from the not so good.

After all, as we always like to say, a good agent is like a good pair of jeans - wonderful when found but just a tad more important than even the most stylish and comfortable denim as they could mean the difference between a dream and a dunce sale.

We'll then hand you a shortlist of who we believe the best agents are for you, along with their sales proposals (yes, we ensure we have these as well after we interview them. Impressed yet?)

After that, the ball's in your court but bear in mind, if the agent you choose doesn't suit, we can help you find another one.

Styles and settlements

Unless you love cleaning and have cash and time to burn, the presentation of your house for open for inspections and auctions won't really float your boat, even though you know how important it is for a good sale.

Never fear!

That's what Seller Assist is for.

We may not love cleaning but we can suggest plenty of ways for zhuzhing up your home.

We can connect you to smart stylists as well who are super experienced in honing homes for presentation.

And guess what?

We also help support you throughout your settlement processing and details.

Not bad, hey!

Admit it - you're now 100% impressed, aren't you?

We're here to help

As well as all of the above, our brand new sister company, Moving Loop, can help source removalists, cleaning and disconnecting (and connecting) power.

Don't forget our other sister company, Lending Loop, either which sources lending deals from all over the country.

And of course, Listing Loop helps you snap up a home before other buyers by accessing off-market, pre-market and secret listings. Just log in to your personal property hub.

So, get in touch with us here, or if you're not a member yet, sign up for free at Listing Loop or download our app.


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