When should I consider off-market selling?

February 6, 2021

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How long has your property been for sale? Weeks, months, or even years? Are you on the verge of contacting Selling Houses Australia and seeking their expertise?

Whatever your situation, selling off-market is an option worth investigating.

What does off-market selling mean?

An off-market property isn’t always advertised across mainstream real estate channels. It can be a more personalised selling approach that leads to more qualified buyers. Especially with real estate ‘matchmaking’ platforms like Listing Loop, which connect you with buyers that have criteria that match your home.

The benefits of a ‘silent’ sale

There are many reasons why people choose to sell their homes ‘on the down low’. But is it the right decision for you?

We’ve outlined just a few scenarios below. If any of these sound familiar, off-market selling or a ‘silent’ sale could be the next step.

You have a limited budget

Selling a property can be very expensive. When you consider repairs and maintenance, property styling, marketing fees, and the real estate agent’s commission, the costs can quickly add up. And that’s just the beginning!

If you want to keep costs to an absolute minimum, the key is to limit (or remove) time spent on the market. Selling off-market via Listing Loop can help you achieve that.

With Listing Loop, we have a ‘no sale, no charge’ advertising model. So you don’t have to invest in a massive marketing budget upfront. You could even trial Listing Loop through your real estate agent and see what interest your property attracts.

If it doesn’t sell off-market, you can re-assess your situation. A low-cost marketing strategy could then complement your off-market listing.

You want to avoid hosting multiple (or any) Open Homes

Some people feel uncomfortable when it comes to Open Homes. We get it. It’s like putting your whole life on display to potentially hundreds of strangers.

Choosing the off-market route means fewer people walking through your front door.

With Listing Loop, we only send notifications about your property to registered buyers with matching criteria. In other words, buyers looking for houses in the same suburb, with the same number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and parking spots as your place. Since they know exactly what they want, they might even be willing to offer a higher price to snap up the property before word gets out.

The good news is, this means you won’t have non-buying nosy neighbours popping over!

You know the competition is fierce

If you live in a suburb filled with sellers, you might worry about how other houses compare. Will your place stand out? Does it stand a chance? This can create pressure to invest in extravagant property styling or expensive storage solutions.

However, registered buyers on Listing Loop want to avoid all the fuss. They are serious buyers who have chosen to keep the house-hunting process simple. They don’t want to spend weeks researching and visiting homes. So they’ve signed up to our platform and highlighted their criteria.

They know off-market properties won’t be over-styled for marketing photo shoots and Open Homes.

They know they’re going to get the ‘real life’ experience when they pop over to visit.

They know they are at less risk of bidding wars.

So off-market buyers could be your ideal buyers.

Does selling off-market pique your interest? Ask your real estate agent about Listing Loop. Our platform gives you the opportunity to be in front of qualified buyers looking for a house exactly like yours - without the fuss.


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