5 essential ingredients for a DIY mudroom

How to create a functional storage area

Australians are welcoming the traditionally American mudroom as a practical space to isolate the mess. It’s a saving grace in the rainy winter months, so all things wet and muddy aren’t traipsed through your home.

What’s a mudroom?

A mudroom provides a functional and organised time-saving storage solution. It means you can get out of the house with ease in the mornings. And it’s particularly useful for families with children when storing an abundance of hats, bags, shoes, raincoats, and jackets from school, work and sporting activities.

Mudrooms can be as unique and versatile as you and your home. It doesn’t have to be a whole room; it can take many forms. The storage space can be an easy DIY project. It’s just a matter of transforming an empty space or wall into a highly functional zone inside or outside your home.

If you don’t have a mudroom yet, or you want to revamp your existing space, here are 5 essential ingredients for a DIY mudroom.

1. Separate and store your stuff

Create a separate compartment for each family member. This encourages your kids to take responsibility for their own things and ensures everything incoming and outgoing has a home. Label the sections to make it clear whose stuff goes where. Make it fun. Add their photo or name in a frame.

You can create compartments in numerous ways to make it work for your space. Add a stackable storage cube with basket drawers inside, install a storage locker, convert a closet or a bookshelf, or re-purpose a dresser.

2. Introduce a bench seat

It just isn’t a mudroom without a bench seat. This creates an inviting space to sit and take your shoes off at the door. Double up your storage space within your bench seat, either by inserting basket drawers underneath, a boot tray, or maybe a flip-up lid.

Add some gorgeous cushions in your home’s colour scheme to zhush up the space.

3. Include shoe storage

Shoe storage is essential for a mudroom to work. After all, you don’t want shoes walking mud into your house!

If you’re a House Rule’s fan, you may have seen Shayne and Carly’s mud room in Tim and Mat’s 1950s home. This compact space was packed full of storage solutions. However, the shoes were visible, which received negative feedback as it wasn’t aesthetically pleasing.

So take note, create a space to store your shoes out of sight. As mentioned above, a bench seat with hidden storage will do the trick.

4. Add wall hooks

You need a practical space to hang those wet raincoats, school or work jackets, bags and hats. If you can fit hooks concealed inside a closed locker or separate compartment, that’s fantastic!

However, if you don’t have space, get creative. A rail can be used instead of a rack or you can conceal hooks behind a piece of furniture. Ensure hooks can handle the weight of wet clothes.

Your hooks can also add a decorative element to your space. Consider the style of your house and tie it in. For example, beautiful copper hooks or re-purposed doorknobs could work well.

5. Include organisational tools

Lastly, make this space a control centre for your home. Some items you may consider having are:

  • A hook or bowl to store your keys
  • A mailbox to store incoming/outgoing mail
  • A spare towel and wet wipes to clean up
  • A whiteboard calendar with family activities listed
  • Sunscreen and shoe odour neutraliser spray
  • A place to store brollies

A mudroom has multiple benefits. It brings organisation and structure to your home, which creates a sense of calm with less to clean and search for. It helps your family maintain good habits with their belongings.

Have you always wished for a mudroom but don’t have the space in your current place? Search for your dream home with ‘just listed’ off-market properties on Listing Loop. If it doesn’t have a mudroom, that’s okay, you can DIY with the tips above!