7 Garden Trends That Are “Hot” This Summer

November 14, 2022

Summer opens our senses, and after what has felt like an eternity of rain along the east coast of Australia, it feels good to be back outside, basking in the sun, the pungent scent of jasmine and the happy chitchat of Kookaburras around us. 

The heavy rain we’ve endured this winter has been good for our gardens and though it may have increased the level of maintenance, fortunately, it hasn't dampened our enthusiasm for alfresco living - as we discussed in our recent post about outdoor areas. And so, as we look ahead to the next few weeks of sunshine, there is no better time to lay some of the groundwork for summer.

Since COVID, many of us are prioritising the exterior of our homes over the interior

Of course, getting mud under your nails isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, but if you are selling, it is worth remembering that renovated properties hold their value, and whether you have a sizeable plot, courtyard, terrace or the tiniest postage stamp of an urban balcony, you'll be surprised by what an impression your garden can make, and what you can achieve in the smallest space. So whatever your flavour when it comes to garden design - whether it's a perfectly manicured courtyard of potted cacti or a quintessentially English wild garden - we’ve got you covered when it comes to ideas.

Even the smallest garden can make a massive impression

In a nutshell, all you really need is a passion for nature and outdoor living and a decent water supply. And although my preference is for a low-maintenance garden – because worms! - even larger spaces with more elaborate garden designs require little maintenance as long as you get it right in the planning stage. 

So let's get down to the nitty-gritty of...

The 7 garden trends we predict will be “hot” this summer:

  1. Vegetable and herb gardens. These are here to stay, according to Homes To Love, "Following a return to simple living and a desire to nurture ourselves and our spaces." The versatility of this style of garden works in both small and larger spaces and the Garden of Eden trend, according to Veranda – of “Mixing in edible plants with the rest of your landscape” - fully embraces the concept of “The usefulness of edible plants with the love of pollinator plants.”
  2. Sanctuary gardens – Whether your idea of a “sanctuary” is a Balinese spa or a coastal retreat, many of us have been trying to cultivate more order in our lives since COVID and creating a private haven outside seems the perfect antidote. “This landscape trend relies on plants with different ombre shades, texture foliage, tropicals, and grasses that catch the breeze,” advises
  3. Wild gardens – There are several good modern examples of this trend, starting with the cottage garden - which has (apparently) become increasingly popular since the British period drama Bridgerton. Garden Design sums up this style as a "Romantic planting style that features colourful and fragrant blooms bursting from garden beds," and it adds that "A bit of whimsy is also welcome.” Wabi-Sabi is another approach, where you manage rather than maintain your garden, as is a garden planted with native plants, which not only suits our extreme conditions but also uses much less water and pays homage to our culture.
  4. Vertical gardens – “Vertical gardening with upright structures can be a boon for apartment dwellers, small-space urban gardeners, and disabled gardeners as well as for gardeners with large, traditional spaces,” says Better Homes and Gardens. And you can even grow fruits and veggies like kiwis, gooseberries, tomatoes and peas!
  5. Mediterranean gardens –Terracotta is the colour of the year, so it’s no surprise that Greek-inspired gardens are having a moment," writes Garden Center Mag. As we highlighted in our recent post on outdoor areas, terracotta roof tiles, rough plaster walls and colourful tiles take us back to the island-hopping travel days of our youth - or prior to the pandemic - because “Greek gardens are all about highlighting romantic beauty.”
  6. Outdoor living rooms – This idea is exactly what it suggests – the cheapest and easiest way to extend your living space. The success of this type of garden depends on good planning – the allocated space must be waterproof and (preferably) soundproof, with a good electricity source. But you can make the main function of the space whatever you want - an outdoor kitchen, office, spa area, or simply an extension of your living room. “What makes a verandah feel more like a room?” asks Fred Albot in Houzz. “The accessories. Potted plants can create a sense of enclosure in the great outdoors and also add a welcome touch of height. Lanterns and bowls of fruit embellish the space here too. An overhead fan is a great way to get more use out of a verandah in steamy climes.”
  7. Organic shapes - Our fascination with curves is still apparent in interior and exterior design. They offer softness and space to a garden, whether they are used for seating, decking, walling, pathways, furniture, or strategically-placed decorator pieces. They provide a more relaxed, organic vibe to your garden, whether large or small. “Curvilinear form is a more profound way of working with space and resonates with the way things move and organise in nature,” landscape designer Mark Laurence tells Livingetc.
7 Garden Trends That Are
The vegetable and herb garden is here to stay following a return to simple living and a desire to nurture ourselves and our spaces.

The perfect garden creates an escape

In 2023, your property must stand out from the crowd, and one way to achieve the wow factor when you are selling is through your garden - especially in Australia. This summer, the “hot” trends for our gardens require three things: confidence with colour; a mindful approach (in relation to the environment), and a vision that creates an escape. 

Whether you are selling or buying a property, these garden designs will help you achieve a look that meets your buyer's requirements in terms of functionality, lifestyle and environmental footprint. 

When you sell off-market with Listing Loop, one of the benefits of our hugely popular Seller Assist service is that we put you in touch with experts who can advise you on the best ways to customise your garden, so it speaks to your prospective buyers on an emotional and practical level - the reaction you want from them when they view your property for the first time. For more information about this great service, book a free consultation and speak to our team today. 


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