9 Paint Colour Trends to Watch in 2024, According to Experts

January 10, 2024

Peach Fuzz is this year’s Pantone Colour of the Year, and there's no better example of how life influences design. In seeking a hue that echoes our innate yearning for closeness and connection, we chose a color radiant with warmth and modern elegance," said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director at Pantone Color Institute, in the brand's announcement.

The link between paint colour and mood is obvious

“While more research is needed to fully understand the links between color and mood, color theory suggests that carefully selecting the color scheme for your home can positively impact your mental health and well-being,” according to Mental Health America.

And though Pantone's choice validates the intimate relationship between mood and paint colour trends, selecting the right palette can still feel overwhelming. Should the age and style of the property dictate your colours? Which colours will capture the most natural light? And should you consider resale when you choose them? 

The answers to these questions are obviously subjective, and though colour theories are great in principle, the tones that inspire and make one person feel comfortable in their home won't necessarily energise the next. This is why it is so important to self-reflect on what mood you want to create before you take the plunge.

This year, for example, as we reel from the horrors of war, try to put on a brave face about the ramifications of climate change - and it's worth mentioning here that lighter colours are another sustainable way to keep your home cool - and continue our recovery from the pandemic, many of us will rely on the experts for advice.

Individualism allows us some control in what can feel like living, at times, in a chaotic world

If buying, selling, or simply renovating are your new year's resolutions, you'll be pleased to know that there are several exciting new paint palettes to choose from; an eclectic array of trends that offer us a way to reclaim some control. So, rather than simply replicating celebrity homes like Hamish and Zoe Forster-Blake's Sydney property, the experts predict we will be taking an individualistic approach to colour. We may be powerless to stop what is happening in the world, but through self-expression we can reduce its harmful impact on us.

You do you boo...

This is the advice of my Gen Z son (to pretty much anything I suggest atm :( ) and it seems an apt way to summarise our approach to decorating this year. I think that the experts have given us permission to unleash the creative beast within each of us to set the mood in our homes this year.

Release the creative beast!

So which paint colour trends do the experts predict for 2024?

Well, Dulux's forecast for the year, with its new Solstice, Journey, and Muse palettes, seems an obvious place to start. 

Solstice is inspired by Scandinavian design and offers a range of rich and organic hues that “Cocoon us and help to evoke feelings of strength and joy.” With colours like Lama, Tan Wagon, and Potter’s Pink, homeowners are invited to create a safe, warm environment that works in both traditional and contemporary schemes. For those who prefer to stick with neutrals, colours like Light Rice Half help maximise space whilst offsetting the harshness of LED lighting. And in complete contrast, Ocean Surf packs a punch.

The vibrant shades of the Journey palette complement more eclectic interior design schemes such as the Vintage and Maximalist trends. Colours such as Carmen and Bruised Burgundy add richness, decadence, with a touch of frivolity. 

And finally, their Muse palette “Blends Nostalgia with modernity, creating timeless and distinctly contemporary spaces.” Warm browns like Poached and Fantan and rich greens like Surf Green and Hidden Depths work well with nature-inspired and Vintage schemes.

paint colour trends 2024
Dulux's 2024 paint colour trends feature diverse palettes, blending Scandinavian-inspired hues, vibrant eclectic shades, and modern yet nostalgic tones.

This year's trending paint colours show our desire for more autonomy 

In the research for our recent post about which interior design trends will be hot this year, we discovered that this year's inspiration is derived from our desire for more individualism. And Laurie Pressman from the Pantone Color Institute agrees that “There are no rules”The colours we are choosing reflect our personalities. As such, pretty much anything goes in the leading 2024 trends that we've listed below:

  1. Soothing Earthy Tones – Nature-inspired tones are still in vogue this year - no surprise there - and warm browns like Dulux’s Tan Wagon and Haymes Morning Rise, and deep greens like Dutch Boy’s Ironside and Haymes Gumleaf Green ground us and help bring the outside world inside. 
  2. Pinks and reds – According to QPaint, “From brighter, more vivacious shades to softer blushes, pinks are predicted to be all the rage.” Reds and purples are also having a moment, evoking the safety of the womb.
  3. Orange – Since the pandemic, we’ve become more nostalgic and seen a strong a strong return to ‘70s influences. Our love affair with the Mid-Century Modern trend is ongoing and according to the Bedthreads blog, orange tones like Haymes Silken are “Set to feed energy and warmth into a space.”
  4. Soft Pastels – Watercress, mint, buttery yellow, baby pink, and even lilacs such as Dulux’s Canyon Cloud offer a sense of calm and tranquillity to replace the cooler grey and neutral shades that have been so popular in recent years. Wattyl’s Fairy White and Whispering Waterfall are the perfect examples of this trend and these soft tones work well with Mediterranean and nature-inspired schemes.
  5. Vibrant Hues – Maximalism is still popular, as is the global influence we have seen over the past few years in interior design. Dulux's Journey palette compliments these trends and Haymes Roseate adds a touch of classicism to any décor.
  6. Greens and Blues – Our affinity with nature sees a return to jewel tones on our walls and kitchen cabinets. We want to play more with colour and the soothing quality of a deep olive or emerald green or the freshness of a sky or coastal-inspired teal provide the perfect backdrop. Blue Nova, which Benjamin Moore describes as a “Symphony of tranquillity and dynamism” and Farrow and Ball’s Breakfast Room Green - one of Good Housekeeping’s favourite shades - are perfectly suited to Australia’s terraced homes and cooler climes but they can also be used as accent colours in coastal homes and Hamptons-inspired schemes.
  7. Warm Neutrals – Buttery yellows and warm neutrals such as Wattyl’s Broken Stone or Astrid are inspired alternatives to the whites that have been so popular over the past few years.
  8. Metallics – These evoke a sense of history and luxury, not to mention a connection with modernism and increasing innovation in our homes. However, they should be used sparingly. Silver and rose-gold are better suited to contemporary schemes, whereas the Gold, Real Iron, and Copper shades in Haymes Artisan collection add a sense of history and nostalgia to more traditional decorating trends.
  9. Yellow“By carefully integrating yellow into your interior design, you can create a space that radiates positivity, energy, and style,” says Hommes Studio. Personally, I still believe my biggest decorating disaster was painting my first apartment in a buttercup yellow...but then, it was the '80s.

Thinking about selling?

Once you move into your new home, you have the freedom to experiment with colour as much as you want. But if you're thinking about selling your home or investment property, research confirms that neutrals are the way to go. For further expert advice about selling, access our Seller Assist service, for free. We connect you with the best agents to help you sell for the best price and for the best terms. 

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