Top 3 benefits of buying off-market

January 11, 2021

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How to find your dream home as quickly as possible

Are you searching for your dream home? Do you feel fed up with searching through pages of unrelated properties? Are you tired of jam-packed schedules of Open Homes to check out every weekend - with properties that keep failing to meet your expectations? At Listing Loop, we know the house-hunting process can be a massive hassle. That’s why we’re strong believers in buying off-market. In simple terms, ‘off-market’ refers to properties not publicly advertised across the mainstream real estate channels. Here are just 3 key benefits of buying off-market:

1. Avoid competition

If you’ve ever made an offer on a house, only to be outbid by someone with a higher budget, you’d know how tough real estate competition can be. It makes you feel that all the research and Open Home visits were a waste of time. On the other hand, your offer could be considered - but then you find yourself up against another buyer who wants the property just as much as you do. Auctions are even more stressful. You have a crowd of people around you in bidding wars, which can be extremely intimidating. When it comes to buying off-market, you don’t have those other people in your way. The house-hunting experience becomes a lot more personalised where you can arrange private viewings rather than squeezing into full Open Homes.

2. Experience a smoother process

Off-market buying provides an opportunity to build a strong relationship with your agent. By discussing what your dream home looks like, they can form a clear understanding of your home buying criteria and let you know when any of their listings match your needs. So you don’t need to do hours of research and filter through various houses that miss the mark. You have the support to find exactly what you’re after and make the process a lot less frustrating. Your agent will give you the insider's scoop; that is, the knowledge that a property is available for purchase. It’s a bit like real estate matchmaking. Rather than the property being put out there for everyone to see (and date!), a dedicated matchmaker helps you through the process and towards your dream home.

3. Save time

Rather than researching on-market properties and visiting places that turn out to be ‘a renovator’s dream’, when you seek off-market housing for sale you’re more likely to have your expectations met - in a lot less time. To find your dream home off-market, it’s best to form relationships with multiple agents to cast a wide net to catch what’s available and out there. Listing Loop makes it easy for you to do this through our centralised platform and communications hub. After partnering with your own Agent Assist, we provide access to off-market listings from all real estate agencies, ensuring you’re the first to know when there’s a property available that matches what you’re looking for. By simply entering your ideal property features and the location you’re after, we can bring the properties to you - saving you hours of time! If you’re looking for more convenience when it comes to finding your dream home, contact us at Listing Loop or speak to your local real estate agent about getting access to Listing Loop today!


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