5 benefits of living in a Cul De Sac

February 27, 2021

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Why do people buy homes in Cul De Sacs?

When looking for a new home, you probably have a clear idea of the suburbs you’d like to live in. But have you thought about the type of street?

If you have a young family or loathe busy roads, you might be drawn to the quieter streets where the kids can safely play. If that’s the case, we recommend investigating the cul de sacs in your local neighbourhood.

What’s a Cul De Sac?

A cul de sac is a ‘dead-end’ street, usually circular at the end. The term is French for ‘bottom of the bag’ as that’s what the rounded section looks like!

Since there’s no thoroughfare, cars must turn around at the end of the cul de sac to exit.

5 benefits of living in a Cul De Sac

Unsure if a home in a cul de sac is right for you? Here are 5 key points to consider:

1. There’s no traffic

Life on a cul de sac is quiet. There are no cars speeding down your street to get to their destination or parked bumper-to-bumper behind a set of traffic lights.

People only enter a dead-end street if they’re living there or visiting someone. It can’t be used as a thoroughfare from Point A to Point B.

This makes it a peaceful place to live during the daytime (especially if you’re working at home or trying to settle your baby to sleep) and even more beneficial at nighttime (especially if you have light sleepers!).

Having less traffic also means less pollution outside your door.

2. It’s safer

By having fewer cars on the road, the level of safety is increased. Cars are likely to drive much slower as their destination is usually close by.

This means kids can play outside and ride their bicycles more freely. And if you’re the pet owner of a wandering cat, you can relax knowing there are fewer hazards around.

3. Great neighbourly environment

Due to its safe and quiet nature, living in a cul de sac can create a sense of community and closeness among families. (Yes, like the good ol’ TV show, Neighbours, but hopefully with less drama!)

Cul de sac kids are likely to play on each other’s front lawns on weekends, which often leads to bonding among parents. The sense of togetherness may extend to the occasional gathering or street party.

4. Lower crime and vandalism rates

With a strong community feel, residents are more likely to look out for each other’s homes from a security perspective. Any unfamiliar cars or lurking individuals can be spotted fairly quickly.

Without the thoroughfare, burglars and vandals are also denied a quick getaway and easy access.

5. Increased perceived value

Due to the benefits listed above, some people are willing to pay more for homes in a cul de sac. So keep this in mind when you put in an offer. But also stick to your budget!

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