Brisbane Property Market: How to Get In Before the Olympics

November 2, 2021

The Brisbane 2032 Olympics may be years away. However, Australians will feel the impact of the event on the Queensland property market in the next decade leading up to it.

The event could bring economic and social benefits of about $8 billion to Queensland and $17 billion to Australia. Yet it will not happen without some spending from the government.

We expect major projects will influence housing market conditions in Brisbane, including:

  • Key infrastructure upgrades
  • An improvement in transport efficiency

There will be an increase in social and retail outlets in the area and increased job opportunities. It will promote interstate migration and influence Brisbane’s population growth.

Almost every real estate enthusiast will tell you now is the time to invest in this property market. We will show you how to put your foot into this market.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Choose a Location

Brisbane prices are likely to have the highest growth rate in the suburbs closest to upcoming projects and infrastructure development.

"The Gabba" stadium in Woolloongabba, for instance, is set to be the heart of Olympic activity.

Woolloongabba already has a high housing market demand for its:

  • Proximity to Mater Hospital and Princess Alexandra Hospital
  • Easy access to Brisbane’s Central Business District—the major commercial hub in Brisbane City
  • Closeness to local universities

There will be a billion-dollar rebuild of the stadium in addition to the upcoming Cross River Rail Station that will revitalise the suburb. It will cause a rise in the desirability of Woolloongabba and the surrounding areas.

The main athletes’ village will be in Northshore Hamilton. It’s prime waterfront real estate.

Construction of the village will turn it into a lifestyle zone with housing diversity.

Added to its transport connections, the Northshore Hamilton housing demand will be high even after the 2032 Games.

It’s hard to predict how well housing will perform after the Olympics. A smart move is to go for Brisbane suburbs close to major infrastructure upgrades. They’ll carry better long-term growth prospects.

Expert Tip: Due to the high housing demand (that is likely to get worse with the upcoming Olympics), it’s wise to go for off-market property.

Off-market property is a property that is not yet publicly advertised. It also goes by the names pre-market and secret property.

Agents of these secret listings rely on a closed marketplace like Listing Loop to match their property with suitable buyers.

As a buyer, you get to learn about the property before it hits the public, and this means less competition. You’ll also avoid the hassle of running around to find the right property in your preferred location.

All you have to do is download the Listing Loop app. You’ll get an alert every time an off-market property that matches your needs is available.

Expert tip: Stay informed on the latest news to get updates on upcoming infrastructure developments.

Pick a Buying Strategy

The hot Australian residential property market keeps getting hotter. The market rose to $8,293.2 billion in the first quarter of 2021, a $449.9 billion rise from the last quarter of 2020.

According to CoreLogic:

  • The residential real estate value had risen to $8.8 trillion by July 2021.
  • Sales volume for the 12 months ending in July increased by 42.2%.
  • Housing stock fell by 27.1% following a decline in new listings.

To top this up, the super-low interest rates are making borrowing easier for buyers.

It has caused a high competition among buyers, making house prices grow faster.

However, getting a piece of Brisbane ahead of the Olympics does not need to be nerve-racking, especially if it’s your first time investing in properties. Here are a few methods you can use.

Rent While Investing

If you don’t plan on moving to Brisbane or the timing is not right for a relocation, rentvesting could work for you.

It involves living in a rented home in any location and renting out your Brisbane investment property to someone else.

It’s a chance to get into the Brisbane property market and still live where you want.

The benefits of rentvesting are:

  • You’ll gain from the growth in house values in the Brisbane market.
  • The rental income can offset some of the property expenses and part of the mortgage payments.
  • You’ll build up your equity.

Expert tip: Pay attention to the potential increase in value of the property and not just the potential rental yields.

Rent With the Intention to Own

Rent-to-own is an agreement you make with a seller to lease from them until a specific time in the future where you’ll buy the property.

The agreement states the buying price and the timeline.

In most cases, you’re required to pay some non-refundable ongoing fee on top of the monthly rent. It’s known as the “option to buy”.

It keeps the owner from selling to someone else. The amount offsets part of the buying price.

The agreement also states who should handle maintenance of the property during the rental period.

Rent-to-own is good in that:

  • It helps if you have bad credit or need time to get your finances in order. You can move into the house without forking out sizeable upfront fees.
  • Setting the future buying price early enough protects you from future spikes in Brisbane house prices.
  • If it’s a lease-option contract, you get a feel of the location before buying. You can change your mind without further obligations. A lease-purchase contract, however, requires you to buy the property at the end of the period.

Expert tip: Take caution not to fall behind on rent payments. You could lose the option to buy the property at the end of the agreed period.

Renovate an Older Property

The most important factor in investing in Brisbane's housing market is location. You want to own land in a position that has the most growth potential.

For this reason, find land in the best location with an older-style property.

We know that an old property may not sound ideal, especially when it’s in a prospective Olympic city. But these advantages could change your mind:

  • It will be more affordable. Unlike older properties, new properties are often sold at a premium.
  • You can renovate the house to meet your standards and increase its value. Besides, these expenses are tax-deductible.
  • An older house has already proven that its structure can stand the test of time.

Expert tip: An older house could have unexpected maintenance and repair costs. Set some money aside for these costs.

Invest With Someone

Investing in real estate is tough, especially with the current high prices in the Australian property market. If you’re financially strained, property co-ownership is an option.

Property co-ownership means pooling money with one or more people to put a deposit down on a home. You can also combine your borrowing power to get a better mortgage. There are plenty of Australian banks that offer property share mortgages.

Australia has two forms of co-ownership.

Type of Co-ownership Description
Tenants in common
  • Each partner owns a specific number of shares in the property.
  • Partners can transfer their share of the property to someone else in their will.
Joint tenancy
  • Partners own the property equally.
  • The share of any partner who dies goes to the surviving partners.

Property co-ownership comes with perks, such as:

  • Shared upfront fees and other expenses like stamp duty. You’ll spend less on the buying process.
  • More people means a bigger budget, and you can buy a better property.
  • You and your partners will split the cost of running the home. It means more money will be available for upgrades and renovations.

Expert tip: It’s important to have a contractual agreement before partnering up to make an investment in the housing market.

Get into the Brisbane's Property Market With Listing Loop

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You don’t have to spend hours in auctions or open for inspections with a million people targeting the same houses as you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Areas Are Set to Boom in South East Queensland?

It’s best to go for areas set to thrive from the major infrastructure upgrades in Greater Brisbane and beyond. A few examples are:

  • Woolloongabba
  • Northshore Hamilton
  • Kangaroo Point, East Brisbane, and Dutton Park suburbs for their closeness to Woolloongabba
  • Albion, Newstead, Ascot, and other areas that neighbour Hamilton
  • Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast. It could result from the speeding up of the Bruce Highway and the Pacific Motorway M1 programs.

Will Brisbane Olympics Affect Brisbane Property Prices?

The Melbourne 1956 and Sydney 2000 Olympics changed the property markets in these capital cities. We expect the same from the 2032 Olympics. It could:

  • Bring economic growth.
  • Impact the median house price in Brisbane housing and the surrounding suburbs.

Will the Housing Boom Last?

The infrastructural projects predicted to cause a housing boom will begin happening before the Olympics. Their impact will be felt most in the decade leading up to the Games and not during or after the Games.

What’s the Best Way to Get Into the Brisbane Property Market?

You want to take advantage of the potential capital growth a Brisbane housing could bring. For this reason, invest in areas set for major upgrades. They’ll have the highest increase in value.

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