Buying Off-Market: A 5-Star Review From One of Our Satisfied Customers

May 24, 2022

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There are many factors to consider when you begin your search for your dream property. It can be a time-consuming job, especially in an unpredictable market like the one we are currently experiencing.

Many companies offer the same promises, which makes it hard to distinguish between what is true and what is just spin

That's why so many customers rely increasingly on reviews to help them make up their mind about which services to employ. Customer service informs the level of the reviewer's customer satisfaction and tells them exactly what they need to know about the integrity of a business.

Listing Loop is not in the business of pretending to deliver something we can't. That's why we like to our share feedback from our customers

We aim to deliver on our promises.

And the best way to demonstrate how we do that is to let you hear it straight from happy customers like Clinical Nursing Educator, Christina McGowan.

Fortunately, Christina discovered our service at exactly the right time in her property search and our off-market listing led her to her new home.

“Listing Loop was free and easy to use,” she says. “The listing showcased our (new) home and meant in uncertain times that we didn’t miss out on a great off-market listing. We were easily linked in with the listing real estate agency and able to view the house ASAP. We made an offer and secured the property the next day.”

In other words, her experience was seamless

And why shouldn't it be? Why shouldn't every buyer's experience be the following simple 5-step process that Christina experienced?

1. Discover new off-market listings by being matched to the most relevant properties for your needs by Listing Loop

2. Contact the real estate agent to find out more

3. View the property

4. Make an offer

5. Secure the property

Christina's 5-step buying process ensured our 5-star review

But sadly, her experience is not always the case. The buying process can easily get over-complicated when too many people become involved.

That's where Listing Loop comes into the equation. When you buy off-market you avoid competing with hundreds of other buyers.

“The house-hunting experience becomes a lot more personalised where you can arrange private viewings rather than squeezing into full open for inspections” (Listing Loop)

There are many reasons why off-market sales are surging in popularity, and though Christina has pointed out some of the obvious benefits of buying off-market, here's why so many buyers are using Listing Loop to access off-market listings:

  • You get first dibs on new property listings. Think of it as VIP access where you get to jump the queue and discover the newest properties for sale before everyone else.
  • You get matched to properties that suit your specific needs rather than doing all the searching yourself. Listing Loop alerts you when there's a new listing that matches your property search criteria. Get it first!
  • You get a free personalised digital property hub where all of your property matches are housed, where any communications with agents is saved and from where you can update your property search parameters anytime.
  • You get the option to use the Buyer Assist service to turbo charge finding your next property.

Christina was so thrilled with our service, she has “recommended Listing Loop to numerous friends.”

And as anyone knows, referrals from happy customers are key to the success of any business

We'd love you to be a happy buyer too. Check out our off-market listings by signing up via or by downloading the Listing Loop app to get property alerts while on the go.


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