5 cheap homewares to create a designer feel in your home

How to save a fortune and create a luxe living space

Are you seeking a designer look for your home, but can’t justify the price tag for that beautiful iconic piece? 

Don’t be alarmed, we can help. Here are five homeware ideas that will give your home an upscale look, even on a restricted budget. 

1. Your lucky number is 3 

When it comes to interior design, clustering items in sets of three will create visual appeal. But how does this help your home’s look when you have champagne taste – on a beer budget? 

We suggest hanging artwork on a large wall in a set of three. It will provide the scale for the room, without breaking the bank with a singular artwork. For example, you could enlarge three family photos on canvas or arrange them in wooden frames. Or you could select a gorgeous triptych from somewhere, like Ikea, for an instant wow factor.

2. Remove the edges 

If you have a square or rectangular dining room table, it might be time to change tact – and move to a rounded version instead. 

A round dining table softens a room and improves the flow of space by removing vertical angles. It can be a miracle conversation starter as well, since your family and guests will all face each other. So there’s no one at the ‘end’ of the table and left feeling more important or separate from the rest. 

You can find a decent tablet at Ikea for under $200. Simply dress it up with a luxurious tablecloth and tableware – then throw a round rug underneath for warmth and texture.

3. Luxe for less

It’s no wonder Kmart‘s homewares have quickly developed a cult following. Their latest range of ‘luxe for less’ homewares have some truly special pieces to add that designer feel to your home.

For example, you could purchase one of their upholstered occasional chairs to create a comfy reading spot in your living space. With its luxurious velvet, it’ll trick even the most discerning eye into believing it cost a lot more than the $50 price tag.

4. A throw for show

A faux fur throw is the perfect accessory for the cooler months. 

Whether it’s casually draped over your lounge or enticingly placed on the end of your bed, it will add instant warmth and luxury to your home. It’s the perfect accompaniment to a night in curled up next to a fire with a glass of wine in hand. 

A luxuriously soft and cosy throw adds a designer look and practicality too. 

5. Beautiful Fabrics

Add a touch of luxury to your bedrooms by adding crisp, timeless white bedding. White also allows you to accessorise with touches of colour.

Consider featuring a waffle quilt set from a store like Pillowtalk. The texture of the waffle and the crisp white would complement any stylish bedroom. Then add some bright cushions or pillows.

You could purchase Egyptian cotton towels for your bathroom as well. Believe it or not, these are sometimes sold at your local Aldi store. Check out their special buys to find a bargain. We won’t tell if you don’t! 

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