4 simple ways to create a healthier home

November 7, 2020

How to improve your living environment

Our home is a safe haven. A place to escape from the hustle and bustle - to unwind after a long day at work. A place to create happy memories with our loved ones.

But life can get crazy busy and a house is often a reflection of our state of mind. When things go missing or your child’s favourite toy is found in the fridge, it’s that not-so-subtle reminder that things are out of whack.

The state of your living environment can directly impact your mental and physical health and wellbeing. Below we share four simple ways you can create and maintain a healthier home.

1. Perks of Plants

When it comes to sprucing up your home, plants not only add an aesthetic value, they have many health benefits as well.

There’s an increasing number of Australian’s living in high-rise apartments. Meaning:

● Smaller living spaces

● Less vegetation

● Decreased ventilation

Instances of chronic health issues caused by household toxins have also increased.

Because plants turn carbon dioxide into oxygen, they serve as a perfect air purifier to remove toxins from your home, thus reducing chronic illnesses and boosting mental health.

Place potted herbs on your kitchen sill - it will add natural beauty and fragrance to your space. It will also entice you to add healthy eating herbs into your favourite meals. As they’re homegrown herbs, you can be assured they’re organic.

For indoor plant options with proven health benefits, we suggest:

● Peace Lily

● Gerbera Daisy

● Aloe Vera

● Mother-in-Law’s Tongue

● Devil’s Ivy

2. Clean your house regularly

Maintaining a clean house will not only help improve your physical health, it will also lift your mood. Even more so when someone else cleans it! Regular cleaning reduces feelings of overwhelm, so try not to let it build up.

Things like dust mites, mould, allergens, germs, and pests can lower your immune system and spread disease.

By regularly cleaning your home, you can be like Arnold Schwarzenegger and terminate toxins and pests. It’s possible that yelling "hasta la vista, baby", while destroying all the germs in your home may also improve your mood!

3. Use chemical-free cleaning products

Following on from the previous point, when you clean try to use chemical-free products where possible. There are some amazing natural products in the market now. Or consider making your own. Try using vinegar, bi-carb soda and your favourite essential oil in a spray bottle for a simple, yet effective all-purpose cleaner.

Also investigate the cleaning products you use on your body and face. Look at the ingredients in your:

● Shampoo

● Body wash

● Moisturiser

● Cleansers

Choose products with natural plant-based ingredients. Avoid chemicals linked to negative health implications like:

● Formaldehyde

● Parabens

● Fragrance

4. The power of pets

Pets seem to have secret magical powers. They can make you both physically and mentally healthier. Pets can lift your spirits, help practise kindness, and teach kids to care for animals. They keep you from being lonely, reduce anxiety, and help you relax.

You will find a fitter and healthier version of yourself with a pet dog. They will motivate you to go for ‘walkies’. Taking your pet for regular walks helps maintain cardiovascular health and increases fitness levels. It allows you time to smell the roses and breathe fresh air, absorb vitamin D, and encourages social connectedness. So be prepared to meet the neighbours.

Creating a healthy home doesn’t need to be a stressful experience. With the above tips, you’ll be on your way to detoxifying, whilst increasing the happiness and harmony in your home.

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