The main frustrations of home buyers

If you’re searching for a new home, what part of the process frustrates you the most?

Perhaps it’s the amount of time required for property research online and/or in the papers. Or having all of your weekend free time absorbed by Open Home schedules.

Maybe you’re disheartened with all of your favourite houses being outside your budget. Or you’re fed up with properties that don’t meet your expectations at the viewings.

The two most discouraging factors of house hunting

Real Estate Business recently surveyed a range of first home buyers, upsizers/downsizers, and investors across Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane via the phone. Some of these people had only recently started looking for a new place, while others had been on the scene for some time.

Their research highlighted two main areas of house hunting frustrations.

1. Price parameters are often wrong

When conducting a property search online, you’re probably selecting price parameters within your budget, right? For example, you might search for houses in Blairgowrie between $900,000 and $1,000,000.

According to the survey, many home buyers find the online price parameters often don’t match the actual price guide. So when enquiring further about a particular property with a real estate agent, they’re disappointed to discover the property is actually way above their budget.

This frustration will never occur with Listing Loop. We have strict guidelines to ensure that the price parameters match the seller’s expectations. So you can avoid any disappointment in that area!

2. Holding back information

First impressions count. And that’s why photos of properties are vital for getting that first taste of the place and whether it suits your needs and tastes. However, what if the photos uploaded to the listing aren’t telling the whole story?

The survey showed many buyers are annoyed about wasting time with properties that appeared glamorous in the photos online but were very different in reality. For example, the houses could have been much smaller or featured hidden rooms requiring massive renovations.

With Listing Loop, we’ll always be honest and upfront with our properties. You can be assured that all of our photos will tell the true story about the home for sale.

Other Findings

The research also indicated that many buyers had endured bad experiences after registering to local agent databases. They often felt spammed or pestered.

Evidently, homebuyers are happy to be emailed about properties that are matched more closely with their purchase specifications and given realistic price guides. They want all of the property details and have flexibility with inspection times.

This is why real estate databases, such as Listing Loop, are becoming more popular. Our off-market database makes it easier to find properties from the very specific criteria you choose. So you know you’re getting the information you actually want!

For more details about how Listing Loop works, contact us today!