How do I market my property for sale?

December 10, 2018

You’re ready to sell your home and approach the next chapter in your life.

Feeling overwhelmed? That’s completely understandable. Here are some steps to help you understand how best to market your home.

Key steps to advertising your home

As your real estate agent will tell you, having a strong marketing plan is essential to achieving a successful sale.

Methods such as the internet, signboards and newspaper advertising help showcase and spread awareness about your property. However, each of these avenues come with an initial upfront cost, which can be confronting.

To market your property for sale, your plan may include the following:

  • Home Styling - Prior to advertising your home, you may wish to invest in home stylists to help you declutter, re-arrange furnishings, or source temporary furniture to create the right image for potential buyers.
  • Professional Photography & Copywriting - By having your agent bring in the experts, you can ensure your property’s best features and benefits are highlighted via eye-catching imagery and powerful words.
  • Real Estate Listing Portals - Create a listing for your property on a popular real estate site, such as or
  • Social Media - By using platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, you can share your property’s listing with family and friends.
  • Print Media - While more people are looking online these days, many still like to flick through a real estate lift-out from their local or national paper.
  • Signboards - Featuring a street side signboard is a typical way to promote your home to those driving or walking past.

Get in front of more qualified buyers

While many sellers find success with the traditional advertising approach, it’s ultimately a ‘spray and pray approach’. In other words, you throw out multiple forms of marketing and hope it lands upon the right eyes.

That’s why Listing Loop is different.

Listing Loop features a database of off-market properties that aren’t promoted to the masses.

When your property is uploaded by an agent, the only people who see it are registered and qualified buyers. They know exactly what they want and may be willing to offer a higher price to snap up the property before it hits the open market.

Rather than investing in an expensive marketing campaign, Listing Loop provides the flexibility to test the market without the stress of the ‘all in’ upfront marketing costs. If there’s no sale, there’s no charge.

But I’ve already signed up with a real estate agent!

Listing Loop can actually complement your existing real estate marketing. We can put your property directly in front of buyers who have specific requirements that match up with your home. Just ask your agent to register your property. It’s quick, easy, and free to register a property for sale.

We're here to help

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