How does Buyer Assist work?

April 19, 2022

Stressed about home buying with little time to spare for research and open for inspections?

Never fear: that's what Listing Loop's Buyer's Assist service is for.

What's it all about?

Helping you find your dream off-market house with very little work needed - if at all - from you.

Read on to find out more

What are buyer advocates?

You might know of them as buyer's agents (that's what they're often known as in the US) but in Australia, we tend to call these excellent people who help you find a house as buyer advocates.

As well as emotionally holding your hand throughout the entire buying process, buyer advocates can take care of all the other behind-the-scenes details that first-home buyers in particular may not be aware of.

We're talking negotiating, bidding at an auction or privately, paperwork, settlements and more.

As well, buyer advocates know the market and can consequently detect great value and smart terms and can also advise on when to stay or walk away.

You name it - buyer advocates can do it!

How our buyer advocates can assist you

We're not going to lie - we love our buyer advocates and they in turn love real estate.

So much so that they'd prefer to spend all the time you'd rather save - including weekends - on finding the perfect property for you.

In other words, don't be ashamed or bothered about handing your house hunting stresses to our buyer advocates.

After all, these people are skilled and experienced and have a passion for property that is as strong as their enthusiasm for negotiating, research, inspections and assessments.

So, while Google can give you plenty of background knowledge, we're confident that our buyer advocates are way ahead of the crowd when it comes to accurate market information and how best to assist you.

We're also entirely independent and proud to stand tall on our own two feet.

Best of all, Listing Loop's buyer advocates have got the upper hand above all other similar people - even those advocates who promise they'll give you access to off-market properties - as we deal with immediately accessible off-market properties.

As such, our advocates need not waste time calling their agent contacts for such properties.

You've got to be impressed with that!

Regain your weekends from going to open for inspections. Save your energy for the big move!

How does Buyer Assist work?

We believe in the importance of sitting down with you - or at least making plenty of time to talk with you over the phone, Zoom or similar - to ensure we know exactly what you need in your new home.

Budget, location, kids, or senior parents to take care of, or nearby amenities - you name it, we'll ensure your new property has it.

Then our advocates' on and off-market search begins, starting with Listing Loop and going from there.

From this search, your advocate will ensure you have a smart shortlist of the best possible properties they could find.

We'll most likely sit down with you again to note which ones you loved and which ones you didn't and for the latter particularly, ask how we can help you further.

I've found 'The One'!

It may not be quite as exciting as finding your True Wedding One but finding The One home certain to suit you and your family is a moment to be remembered.

Make no mistake - our buyer advocates will be just as excited as you at this point but at the same time, they'll aim to start the next important step in their work for you.

This will involve a very comprehensive look at both the property and all of its surroundings from the local neighbourhood to the major cities, the state and more.

You'll then receive these details as an appraisal designed to answer every last one of your questions, give you a thorough knowledge of your dream home's market and satisfy any final doubts.

And finally....

Yes, this is the moment you've been waiting for - and with our buyer advocates, it won't be nearly as scary and stressful as you thought.

Yet again, you can hand any such scary stressfulness to our advocates who will then step forward with relish to either bid or negotiate for your house.

As well, they'll help you with contract and settlement terms and conditions and are happy to celebrate with you afterwards!

What more could you want?

We're here to help

So, we've said it before and we'll say it again: Listing Loop and its services such as Buyers Assist is the only place you need to look at to find the perfect house.

You can snap up a home before other buyers by accessing off-market, pre-market and secret listings at Listing Loop just by logging in to your own personal property hub.

We haven't forgotten sellers either and can ensure you find the best possible agent and reach buyers first.

If this sounds pretty good to you - and how could it not? - we encourage you to get in touch with us here. Also, don't forget to log in to your property hub, or if you're not a member yet, sign up for free at Listing Loop or download our app.


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