Top Gun: Maverick: Don't follow property's need for speed

May 24, 2022

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Launching through Australian skies for the first time on Thursday, May 26, and pulling g's far beyond the original 1986 movie, Top Gun: Maverick has the Listing Loop team going Mach-2 with our hair on fire with expectation.

While we realise not all property groupies are aviator groupies - although we can't understand why - we believe this classic action movie has plenty to offer the real estate world.

1. Don't be a wild card

Firstly, the property market's been feeling - and actioning - a strong need for speed in recent years, thanks largely to COVID.

But does this necessarily mean you should buzz the tower too?

No, it doesn't.

Not only is even the regional market starting to soften and slow down but interest rates are now rising after a decade of slumps, the country has a new prime minister at the pointy end, and the cost of living - including property prices and rents - is soaring sky-high.

Top Gun hero Maverick was well known for being a wild card pilot, happy to fly by the seat of his pants but that attitude didn't end well for him.

So, don't get caught up in the property market's need for speed.

It wasn't a good idea for Mav and it isn't a good idea for either buyers or sellers.

2. Get in touch with your inner Iceman

Instead, we recommend you take a look at Val Kilmer's cool, calm Iceman character.

Iceman is renowned for always taking a few moments to consider exactly what's right and correct for him and those around him.

He then sticks with this plan until he wins.

As Goose says when describing Iceman's flying to Maverick, "He wears you down, you get bored, frustrated, do something stupid and he's got you."

For home buyers, taking a few Iceman moments before buying to consider what's best for you and your finances can make all the difference.

We know you want to find your perfect property match in this current property world and you could try hitting the brakes and having financial MiGs in particular fly right by - but first-home buyers, in particular, do you really want to fly below the hard deck and risk it?

3. Don't forget your RIO

Mav's best friend, the fun and faithful Goose, is content to stay in back and not just because he's Mav's radar intercept officer (RIO).

But when Mav needs a wise warning to get smart, Goose isn't afraid to say Mav's unreliable flying concerns him.

If you haven't guessed the metaphor yet, we're suggesting every house buyer - no matter how seasoned, crazy or calm - can always benefit from a smart, wise wingman.

Back seats still have plenty to offer.

Take time to evaluate and learn

Mav's courage can be admirable and there is real genius in his flying, but he isn't great at listening to either his trainers or even his best friend.

You don't want an over-confident, over-harassed ego writing cheques you can't cash.

As Viper advised Mav, always take the time to evaluate what's happening and apply what you're learning.

Iceman won the Top Gun trophy because he was smart and controlled when flying.

In contrast, Maverick had to learn how to listen and to wait.

As a result of this learning, the end of the movie sees even Iceman admitting he'll be Mav's wingman any time - even if Mav's love for dangerous flying hasn't completely flown away.

We're here to help

We admit we have taken the Top Gun angle a little too far in this article - but hopefully, we've given you a few helpful home buyer points to think about too.

And whether you're a Maverick, Iceman or Goose - or none of these characters - we're happy to be your wingman anytime.

Taking it Iceman smart and careful mightn't be as fast-moving as you're hoping your home-buying will be.

But there are plenty of other smart and careful ways to highway it to, well, not the danger zone - but certainly to an exciting buyer or seller one!

So if you're in the market looking to buy, sell, invest or refinance, come to us.

Listing Loop also gives you a better chance of locking down a new place before someone else.

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