How to improve your outdoor living space

5 ideas to transform your backyard

If you were to look at your backyard right now, what would you see?

Overgrown bushes and weeds? Scattered toys and rusty bikes? Dead or ‘almost-as-tall-as-your-kids’ grass?

If closing the blinds feels more appealing than stepping outside, it’s time to improve your outdoor living space. Especially if you want to sell your property ASAP! Whether you only have a small space to work with or a large block, here are 5 backyard ideas to inspire you.

1. Create an inviting sitting area

All backyards need a space for your family and friends to sit, dine, or relax in. Perhaps you’ve already got a sitting area and just need to tidy it up. Otherwise, consider introducing one or more of the following:

  • A patio with wooden or modern dining furniture.
  • Comfy outdoor couches and chairs in areas attracting the most sunlight.
  • A hammock (or two!).
  • Large flat grassy areas – perfect for a backyard picnic.

2. Add outdoor lighting

Time in the backyard doesn’t need to be reserved for daylight hours. Who doesn’t enjoy dining outdoors at night? (As long as the mozzies aren’t biting…) Adding outdoor lighting can increase your home’s appeal. It means the backyard can be utilised for more hours per day – especially when it’s dark at 5pm. You could try:

  • Uplighting – Lights affixed to the ground and highlight featured trees or plants.
  • Solar lights – Used along walkways and steps for safety.
  • Fairy lights – Perfect for creating a romantic, magical atmosphere.

3. Include entertainment options

Who is predominantly going to use the backyard? If your outdoor living space needs to appeal to both adults and kids, you need to create an area that excites potential buyers. Consider adding a:

  • Fire pit – Offering warmth and light, a fire pit is a great gathering space for toasting marshmallows or having a chat among friends and family.
  • Cubby house or swing set – If you want to attract family buyers, they need to visualise their kids playing there.
  • Water feature – Large or small, a water feature produces a strong focal point and simply breathes relaxation.

4. Offer covered areas

Keep the rainy day blues away by featuring a sheltered section. Ideally, this roofing should cover the backdoor or back sliding doors. This makes it easier to move from inside to outside without getting wet! You could –

  • Build a pergola.
  • Buy an outdoor awning covering that can be installed yourself.
  • Invest in a gazebo if you have a big backyard.

5. Improve the landscaping

An attractive and well-maintained backyard can add huge value to your property and improve your outdoor living space. Your outdoor living space needs to be appealing at a glance. Depending on your ideal buyer, you might also need to ensure the garden is low maintenance. You need to:

  • Prune the trees
  • Remove all weeds
  • Eliminate dead plants
  • Introduce colourful plants
  • Mow the lawn
  • Destroy spider webs
  • Replace broken pavers or edgings

After reviewing these suggestions and deciding upon your options, you’ll have an inviting outdoor living space in no time!

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