Top 5 Interior Design Trends

November 16, 2020

How to embrace sustainability and your own uniqueness when styling your home

When you move into a new property, it’s like looking at a blank canvas. It’s an exciting opportunity to turn the house you bought into a home you love via interior design. But where do you start?

According to current interior design trends, sustainability and embracing individual uniqueness are key when choosing design materials, decor, furniture, and colour schemes. These days, most of us are conscious of our responsibility to decrease waste, reuse, recycle and re-purpose. But we also want to create a comfortable, yet stylish, relaxing retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Here are 5 inspiring design trends to incorporate into your new home’s interiors.

1. Matte Black is Back

The sophistication and sleek boldness of matte black, coupled with neutral and white tones add contrast and glamour to any space. Expect to see this all over your Pinterest and Instagram feeds!

Try introducing matte black to your flooring both wooden and tiles, or your home décor, seating, baths, showers and window frames.

You can also add it to the bedroom. Matte black canopy beds provide a slimline look and the opulence of luxury hotels. Or you could bring it into the kitchen with contemporary open black shelving frames and glass to create a flow-through open-plan living space.

2. Sustainable Natural Fabrics

With an increased consciousness about limiting our carbon footprint, soft furnishings using natural fabrics, such as organic cotton, wool, hemp, stinging nettle, and coffee ground fibres, are becoming more popular.

These can be found in throws, upholstered furniture and tapestries. Embracing natural textiles serve various styles from Hamptons to boho to eclectic country, so feel free to embrace eco-friendly in a style that suits you.

3. Wood is Good

If you have an older home, stripping back the carpet is likely to uncover a hidden wooden gem beneath. A wooden floor can be lovingly sanded, polished, or lacquered and brought back to its former glory.

Apart from reducing the eco-footprint, wood also creates a timeless and homely atmosphere. You could also add wooden coffee tables and bar-carts for practical functionality and natural beauty.

4. Continuity of Indoor and Outdoor Spaces

Currently, there’s a big trend for creating more fluidity between indoors and outdoors.

For example, if you choose teal and white for soft furnishings inside, why not carry them through to your outdoor space? You can add same-colour scatter cushions to bring natural flow from indoors to outdoors. Something like a stunning natural stone-topped outdoor dining table will marry beautifully with a stone kitchen bench top.

5. Go Green

Continuing from the point above, bring the outdoors inside by cleverly placing plants throughout your living spaces. Just adding some greenery to a small space can provide a sophisticated calming effect, while also cleansing and improving the air quality in your home. Win-win!

Native Australian plants, succulents and textural grasses are a great choice for beautiful gardens - especially in times of water restrictions.

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