What are ‘just listed’ properties?

As the name implies, a ‘just listed’ property has literally just been listed for sale.

At this point, no one usually knows about it. The marketing campaign has yet to begin.

The seller has simply confirmed with their real estate agent they’re ready to sell by co-signing a listing authority.

Following this milestone moment, it takes approximately 12 to 14 days for the property to be advertised.

During this period, real estate agents are:

  • Organising professional photographs
  • Preparing floor plans
  • Designing signboards and brochures
  • Putting together videos
  • Embracing property styling, and
  • Waiting for marketing approva

How do I find a ‘just listed’ home for sale?

A property is considered ‘just listed’ before any mainstream marketing is undertaken.

This means your real estate agent may have dozens of off-market and ‘just listed’ properties and your dream home might be one of them!

In the traditional approach to off-market house hunting, you need to ask multiple real estate agents to update you on newly listed homes for sale. Then, hope an agent gets back to you with a property that matches your criteria.

But what if you could discover your dream home before everyone else? Before the property even makes it to the real estate websites and local papers?

With Listing Loop, you can tap into this ‘just listed’ database from not just one agency, but all real estate agencies across Melbourne. More agencies equal more properties to discover. Be the first to know when a property is ‘just listed’ that matches your property search criteria.

Now, rather than being on 10 agency databases and keeping in regular contact with each agency, you can have access to all off-market properties for sale in just one location.

How Listing Loop works

Through our platform, agents can immediately market a property for sale to a network of ready hot buyers – without delay. They simply take photos and upload the property directly to Listing Loop as soon as the listing authority has been signed.

To gain access to just listed properties, ask your agent to get you in the loop.

Once you have selected what you’re looking for in a property, you’ll receive an instant notification of any new properties that match your criteria. For example, if you’re looking for a four-bedroom, two-bathroom house in Richmond, you’ll receive an alert as soon as a property with matching criteria is uploaded.

You can also check your dashboard at any time to view a full list of current suitable properties. If you’re getting too many notifications, simply narrow your property match criteria. If you’re only receiving a few, simply broaden your search criteria.

Ask your agent to get you in the loop!