How does Listing Loop work for buyers?

So you’re thinking of buying an off-market property through Listing Loop. That’s great news!

Get ready for an unparalleled ‘real estate matchmaking service’. Our agents are here to help you find your dream home – with a lot less hassle than traditional forms of house hunting.

If you’re unsure of how Listing Loop works for buyers, then read on.

Matching homebuyers on Listing Loop

Agent Assist Allocation

If you register for Listing Loop independently, an Agent Assist will be allocated to understand your criteria. Alternatively, if you sign up via a real estate agent, the agent will automatically become your key contact throughout the process.

The role of an Agent Assist is to provide general advice by email, SMS, or phone. This means they’re not responsible for negotiating the purchase of a property. Negotiating is part of the role of a traditional Buyers’ Agent; in other words, your local real estate agent.

If you would like your Agent Assist to conduct negotiations on your behalf, ask them to become your Buyers’ Agent as well. (Note – This may incur a fee from their real estate agency).

Receiving notifications

After selecting your criteria and preferred notification method upon registration, you’ll receive immediate alerts when suitable properties are uploaded to the Listing Loop database. To learn more about a particular property, you can unlock the listing to reveal more information. Your Agent Assist is available to talk if you have any questions.

Listing Loop makes uploading properties for sale so efficient that you may find yourself speaking to the selling agent while they are still at the property they just listed! That’s how fast the Listing Loop matching process is!

If you get too many or too few matching properties, it’s easy to fix. Simply refine your criteria in your profile and either shorten or widen your options. Once updated, you’ll see the revised number of matching properties in real-time.

If, at any time, you wish to stop receiving notifications, you can change your status to “Inactive” in your profile. You can change it back to “Active” again whenever you’re ready.

Choosing Criteria

To cast a wide net across multiple suburbs, the system gives you the option to enter up to 10 different suburbs in your profile. After getting a feel for the properties in these areas, you can easily cut the amount of suburbs down or change them at any time.

To find out more about how Listing Loop works for buyers, contact us today!