What is off-market property buying and selling?

November 22, 2018

Buy or sell your home off-market

If you plan to buy or sell a house, you’ve probably come across the term ‘off-market’ during your research. If you’re unsure of what off-market property buying and selling means, then this article is for you!

To put it simply, off-market properties aren’t yet advertised on the open market. Typically, when a vendor confirms a listing with an agent, it can take approximately up to seven days to compile all the marketing tools, such as signboards, professional photos, and the necessary information to load into the property portals. While the property is for sale, until everyone knows about it, it’s technically 'off-market'.

How buying or selling off-market works

In most instances, to buy or sell a home off-market involves building strong relationships with real estate agents servicing the relevant area.

From a buyer’s perspective, seeking off-market homes requires close and regular contact with local agents to ensure you know about these properties before they hit the open market. Agents need to have a clear understanding of the type of home you are looking and your checklist of needs.

For example, you might require a two bedroom apartment that comes with an allocated space to park your car. If you know what off-market properties are out there, you can avoid precious time spent researching and visiting Open Homes.

For off-market selling, the agent looks to their database to find potential buyers that could be the right fit.

At times, the off-market process can be passive. You may miss out on your dream home if you’re not registered with the right agent. But what if you could be more proactive in your off-market house-hunting approach?

Introducing Listing Loop

Listing Loop offers a ‘first’ in the Australian real estate industry by offering a unique approach to addressing off-market real estate transactions.

We help buyers become “the first to know” about off-market properties that match their purchase criteria. We also help sellers save thousands of dollars by not having upfront marketing fees. And yes, we can help real estate agents push properties across the line as well!

Put simply, Listing Loop is like a matchmaking site for real estate.

Benefits for buyers

If you’re a property buyer, you can enter your dream home criteria upon sign-up and be notified either by SMS or email of off-market properties that meet your requirements. For example, you might be looking for a four bedroom, four bathroom house with a swimming pool in Mt Eliza. As soon as a suitable property is listed, we’ll contact you straight away!

Benefits for sellers

If you want to sell your property off-market, the Listing Loop platform allows you to take and load photos and be listed immediately to a database of qualified buyers. Without time-wasters!

Already approached a real estate agent? No worries! We work with agents from all real estate agencies via our platform. Just ask them to contact us and we’ll get things moving along!

We're here to help

We're always happy to help with all the dramas and stressors of house buying and selling.

And if you're particularly tired of house-hunting, we've even partnered with buyer advocates who can check out homes for you and organise sales assessments and negotiations.

Our off-market and pre-market marketplace gives you VIP access to properties so you can get in first.

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