Off-market property matching - a new approach to real estate

June 20, 2021

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Matching buyers with off-market properties

If you’ve been house-hunting for a while, it’s easy to feel deflated. After months of research, visiting Open Homes every weekend, and placing and losing offers, you’re probably wondering if you’ll ever find your dream home.

Do any of the following scenarios sounds familiar?

The properties that seem the perfect fit for us are:

A) Snapped up too quickly

B) Sold way above our price range in bidding wars

C) Look very different in real life

If you answered ‘yes’ to one or more, then it’s time to join the era of property matching. Say goodbye to hours and hours of searching!

What is off-market property matching?

Off-market property matching involves connecting your key criteria with suitable housing not-yet-listed on dominant real estate websites.

It’s like a matchmaking dating site. Because, if you think of it, there are many similarities between finding the perfect place and finding your soulmate! The process usually involves checking out many new people/places and deciding if they fulfil your desired requirements.

These days, there are multiple dating platforms and apps available to match singles with potential partners. And many couples are now happily married as a result.

So why not take the same approach with real estate?

How can off-market property matching help me find my dream home?

If the above scenarios hit a nerve, you’d be happy to know that real estate marketplaces, like Listing Loop, aim to create a much smoother experience.

Problem One: Houses are being snapped up too quickly.

Our solution: With Listing Loop, you can get ahead of the competition. You’ll be the first to know as soon as a property matching your needs is listed for sale on our platform. You'll receive an SMS or email to give you the opportunity to check it out before anyone else.

Problem Two: Houses are sold way above our price range in bidding wars.

Our solution: We'll make you aware of suitable properties before everyone else, meaning you can arrange private inspections and place an offer ASAP. Most sellers don’t want their house on the market for months either - so it’s a win-win scenario!

Problem Three: Houses look very different in real life

Our solution: An agent can upload a property to the Listing Loop platform the moment they've signed the listing authority. This means, you’re usually viewing raw photos taken from the agent’s smartphone camera - not images distorted by Photoshop. So you always have a realistic representation of what the rooms really look like.

We live in the era of real time. And Listing Loop gives you instant access to matching properties listed for sale.

We’re here to help

Eager to give Listing Loop a go? We're always happy to help with all the dramas and stressors of house buying and selling.

Indeed, if you're particularly tired of house-hunting, we've even partnered with buyer advocates who can check out homes for you and organise sales assessments and negotiations.

Our off-market and pre-market marketplace gives you VIP access to properties so you can get in first.

Just sign up at Listing Loop or download our app.


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