7 top factors that make Queensland your next ideal home

April 26, 2022

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With sunshine 261 days of the year, almost 7000kms of coastline, 200 national parks, and home to an illustrious collection of beaches, rainforests and one of the great wonders of the natural world - The Great Barrier Reef – it is hardly surprising that everyone is moving to Queensland.

The Sunshine State has so much more to offer than a breathtaking landscape

Furthermore, the money invested in recent years by its state government into new development and infrastructure has ensured a strong economy and a vibrant new cultural scene that is attracting migrants from other Australian states.

COVID was partly responsible for the “Millennial Migration”

During the lockdowns, young people, tired from the increasing cost of living and the faster pace of the bigger cities, spotted the opportunity for a better work/life balance in Queensland, and greater flexibility in terms of their work conditions has helped push the migration trend.

According to the AFR: “Net interstate migration to Queensland in the year to June 2021, the most recent data available, reached 30,939. That was the largest annual increase since the 35,498 in 2004. A net figure of 9,728 in the December quarter of 2020 was the highest rise on a quarterly basis since December 2003.”

The demand for new homes in Queensland is huge, which is a big draw for investors

Undoubtedly, the Government’s HomeBuilder grant has contributed to the strong economy, but the main reason so many property buyers are considering an investment in the state is that it ticks all the boxes when it comes to work/life balance, seven of which we've listed below:

  1. Affordability – You get more for your buck in Queensland. Though it’s tricky to put a price on the average home over an area five times the size of Japan, the average price of a house is around $800,000 in Brisbane compared to $1,100,000 in Melbourne and $1,600,000 in Sydney. Currently, if you are a first home buyer in Queensland, you could be entitled to the $15,000 First Homeowner Grant, eligible to pay zero stamp duty, and need only find a 5% deposit.
  2. Cheaper Housing – There are still plenty of stunning Queenslanders to renovate and there were almost 30,000 applications for new homes in Queensland in 2021. New properties that are customisable and more energy efficient are obviously appealing to young families and recent demand has been so great, there is some concern Brisbane could run out of land! The good news is, that it's as easy to buy in Queensland as it is in any other state in Australia.
  3. Climate – Though the extreme temperatures in Northern Queensland are not for the faint-hearted, southeast Queensland has a sub-tropical climate with mild winters and hot summers. Average temperatures in Brisbane range between twenty-nine degrees Celsius in January and twenty in July.
  4. Culture – With the diversity that has come from the state's steady influx of international and interstate migrants, Queensland now offers an impressive range of cultural events and activities. The state hosts art exhibitions, sports events, live music and food and wine festivals, and with its greater appreciation for the country’s Aboriginal heritage, it is slowly evolving as a leading authority on Australian history and culture.
  5. EducationQueensland’s education standards are comparable to the other Australian states and the responsibility is shared between the Federal and Individual State and Territory Governments. Either free state education or private schooling is available and there are eight universities for tertiary education.
  6. Employment opportunities – The economy is strong, mainly because of the influx of migrants over the years. Although, ultimately, some jobs will be lost as the coal industry is phased out, “The largest employer in the state is the health care and social assistance sector, followed by construction, education and training, and tourism,” according to Families Magazine. Other industries include the production of sugar cane, wool and fruit.
  7. Infrastructure – The benefit of new towns and developments is that their infrastructure is built alongside them, and Queensland is working towards an efficient road, rail, and state transit system that will provide effective connections between its regional towns and cities. Improvements continue to be made to the Bruce Highway and the Rockhampton Ring Road Project and Cross River Rail remain the state’s top priorities for easing the pressure on local infrastructure.

Migration trends are hugely important to property buyers, and in particular property investors.

7 top factors that make Queensland your next ideal home
Known for their breezy verandahs, Queenslander's represent a quintessential Australian lifestyle

Any pressure on the property market pushes rental costs and property prices up

And Queensland homes are in demand. Property owners from around Australia want to buy into the state's unique lifestyle and enviable charm.

But before you race to stick down a deposit on a Queensland property, can we recommend you educate yourself about some of the more interesting traits of the Queensland way of life, such as its local customs - cane toad racing, anyone? - and the local lingo. For example:

You will need to understand that in the Sunshine State you “chuck on ya togs” for a dip in the ocean and your kids pack their “port” for school

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