Listing Loop partners with REIV

Listing Loop and REIV team up to help agents win more listings with Australia’s first industry buyer database

Listing Loop, Australia’s first industry buyer database, has partnered with the Real Estate Institute of Victoria (REIV), giving agents the ability to directly advertise their vendors’ properties for sale under a no sale, no charge success-based advertising model.

The partnership is part of a broader strategy to support agents by offering a safe digital solution that directly connects buyers to properties while providing agents with a recurring revenue stream through their buyers.

No sale no charge advertising

No sale no charge advertising offers a compelling no risk solution in this current market, especially when vendors are unable or unwilling to pay upfront advertising fees, while agents are not in a position to carry these fees on behalf of their vendors.

If Listing Loop does not bring a buyer to an agent, there’s no fee payable. Any fee payable does not need to be paid until settlement or 90 days, whichever is earlier. This makes advertising cashflow positive, another industry first.

Super-fast and easy property uploads

A property listing and property photos taken from a smartphone can be uploaded to Listing Loop in less than 30 seconds after the signing of an authority helping to save costs and time. That property is then immediately sent directly to waiting buyers via our property match system. There are no listing fees or subscription fees to use Listing Loop, which displays an agent’s brand more prominently throughout the platform than any company branding or logos.

Discreet selling

Property information such as the seller’s address and the sale price are protected behind a login. They are only seen by registered buyers and do not show up in the search engines such as Google and Bing, protecting an agent’s data.

Ready, motivated buyers

Listing Loop, which saw a 23 percent increase in buyer registrations last month, attracts ready and qualified buyers who register their homebuying criteria to find their ideal property faster. Buyers receive an alert in real time the moment there’s a just listed property matched to their needs, offering an alternative to the traditional model of property ‘searching’.

Recurring revenue stream through buyers

Listing Loop is the first platform to pay an agent even when a buyer doesn’t buy from them. Up to 50 percent of Listing Loop’s advertising revenue is given straight back to an agent when the buyer they invited to the platform purchases a property anywhere in Australia through Listing Loop. If that buyer purchases property through Listing Loop multiple times in their lifetime, the agent receives a recurring revenue stream. Should a buyer that’s assigned to an agency, purchase a property from within that same agency, there is no fee.

Free dashboards

Buyers receive a dashboard that houses their property matches, while agents also receive a dashboard giving intelligence into the activity of invited buyers, which in turn creates additional listing opportunities.

Listing Loop’s mission is to connect people for mutual benefit so that everyone wins. The company is more focused than ever on upholding this commitment and is excited to partner with the REIV to provide digital solutions that support agents in listing and selling properties.

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