Sell your Property: How to Get Your Property in the Loop

January 17, 2022

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When you decide to put your property up for sale, you want to make sure you get it on the market with the least cost and sell it for the highest price possible. With property trends constantly evolving, you have to stay sharp and on your feet, ready to get the best deals. To do this, you need to put your A-game on, which means:
  • Proper planning
  • Having the right team on your side
  • Strategically placing your property up for sale on the right platforms
  • Making your property look so great it screams; “buy my place now!”
Let’s dig a little deeper and find out how you can put your best foot forward to get the premium deal on your property.

List Your Property on Listing Loop

Over the years, owning property has become a popular trend, and as a seller, this gives you an upper hand on the negotiating table. A recent survey of about 1000 participants revealed that owning a home was a top priority ahead of parenthood, with 45% intending to achieve this milestone before having kids. That said, deciding to sell your property marks a new chapter in your life. You may find the journey exciting, scary, or downright stressful.
  • How do I start the whole process of getting prospective buyers to buy my place?
  • How much will it cost me to get the word out on the market and pay an agent?
  • How long will it take me to get a home buyer?
  • Will I be able to negotiate a good deal?
The list of questions on your mind may be endless. Enter Listing Loop, and lo and behold, selling your property is easier than you thought. Let’s walk you through the essentials of selling your property on Listing Loop.

How to Register on Listing Loop

Listing Loop is an online platform that allows you to put your property on the market via a simple registration process through your real estate agent. Buyers who sign up on the online marketplace input the specifications of the property they want to purchase. Once a property that matches those specifications comes onto the market, the buyer gets a real-time notification via email or by the mobile app, which you can download to your phone. To get your property listed for sale, ask your real estate agent to register on the platform. The process is straightforward and it takes them only take a few minutes. Alternatively, find an agent who already uses the marketplace. Here’s why getting your place on Listing Loop is a distinct advantage.

Why Choose Listing Loop

Listing Loop is not just another online marketplace; it’s a platform that prides itself in dealing with pre-market or off-market properties. It gives buyers a head start to view the latest homes and allows sellers to potentially move their property in no time at all. In today’s real estate scene, innovation is the name of the game. Save yourself time and advertising costs and get that residence swooped up in no time by getting in the Loop. Getting your property into the Loop ensures that:
  • It will be visible to buyers in a matter of minutes
  • Buyers will be directed as per match to your property
  • You don’t have to pay for marketing upfront, keeping money in your pocket for longer

Comparison Between On-Market and Off-Market Property

You’re probably wondering if a property is off-market, how can it be for sale, right? Well, this is just real estate terminology, and the property is, in fact, up for sale. The on-market scenario involves a comprehensive and often expensive marketing campaign to selling your property. The marketing will include efforts like:
  • Putting up a “for sale” sign
  • Advertising on the agent’s website
  • Putting the property up on different media channels
On the other hand, off-market selling, also known as a pre-market or secret listing, is a targeted selling approach. The objective is to show the property to a select range of the best buyers instead of the entire market.
Selling approach Advantages Disadvantages
  • Casts your net wide
  • A complete marketing campaign for visibility
  • Costly
  • Costs less to advertise
  • Attracts serious buyers due to targeted approach
  • Exposed to a narrower market

Prepare Your Home for Sale

Now that you’re in the loop, make the first impressions count. Put your best foot forward and make your house appealing to potential purchasers. A new coat of paint or a touch-up of your garden will go a long way in making your property eye-catching. Expert Tip: Research contemporary trends and preferences and incorporate them when you set up your home. Do some market research on property values in your area. You want to go into the sale as prepared as possible and have realistic expectations of how much you’ll get for your home.

Choose the Best Agent

Getting a real estate agent that understands your needs and works smartly to sell your property will make the process easier. When you have established that you want to sell your property off-market, get an agent confident in secret listings. Listing Loop has a comprehensive list of leading agents that will help you seal the deal. Buyers From the get-go, agree with the agent on the following essentials:
  • Agent fees or agent commission
  • Duration of contract
  • Rights and duties of each party
  • Dispute resolution
  • Find the right person to buy my place

Lights, Camera, Action

Within minutes of signing the authority, your agent can take real-time pictures of your property, upload them onto our site and start selling. You are officially ahead of the game in securing serious buyers who will be immediately alerted of your property. Now you can sit back, relax, and let the games begin. 3 Simple Steps for Buyers

Frequently Asked Questions

Now you know the benefits of off-market selling, no doubt you have more questions. We’ve answered the top ones for you here:

Are All Properties on Listing Loop Off-Market?

Although Listing Loop is designed to give buyers access to pre-market properties, some real estate agents may choose to market properties they’re authorised to sell on other mainstream media channels. While advertising elsewhere may widen your net, Listing Loop offers a hyper-targeted approach by matching property buyers with the most relevant properties suited to their specific needs.

Can I Sell My Place Through the Site Without an Agent?

No, your property can only be listed through a licensed real estate agent. It can be immediately listed at no cost, and fees will only be payable on securing a purchase through the site.

Will I Achieve a Premium With a Secret Listing Sale?

As demand for properties is currently more than the supply on the market, buyers are often willing to quickly seal a purchase deal and pay a higher price than they would usually choose to. You’re likely to get a reasonable price for your home, even one considerably greater than you anticipated.

Is My Personal Data Protected?

As a homeowner intending to sell your property off-market, your security and privacy are of our utmost concern. Your details or those relating to your property will not be available in online searches. Only registered buyers logged into our system and meeting the criteria of your property in their search will be matched to your listing.

Stay In the Loop

Listing Loop is the best place to get your property in front of the most relevant buyers while saving you dollars, time and effort. Sell your real estate in record time, to the right buyer and at a premium.


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