Selling Your Home Off-Market: Why Neutral Paint Colours Sell Homes

May 16, 2022

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It may surprise you to know that there are genuine reasons why agents and stylists recommend that property owners paint the interiors of their property in neutral tones ahead of selling. For further proof, check out any just listed property and you’ll find that the properties that stand out are usually the ones that have put the most thought into their presentation.

There’s actually a science behind neutral colours. Aside from their obvious benefit of maximising space, they create a blank canvas out of your property that helps buyers visualise themselves living in it more easily. For the same reason, your agent or property stylist will also likely recommend you hide any family photos.

There are lots of tips and tricks when you prepare your property for sale

But the one with the most impact is the colour of your walls because your presentation and the first impressions your property creates are key to a quick and easy sale. And whether you end up selling your property off-market or on the market, certain preparations are more vital than others in terms of persuading any potential buyers in that 30 minute open-for-inspection to consider yours.

Colour affects the way we feel

We know from colour psychology that colours affect the way we feel, which is why property owners must create a relaxed, safe space for their buyers, and neutrals have the power to do just that.

As Howstuffworks points out, “Human beings are sensitive to colour on a deep, emotional level. This makes sense: Our earliest ancestors relied on colours to tell them if a plant was ripe or safe to eat, for example. Those deeply ingrained senses of what colours mean in nature stay with us in our cities and suburbs.”

From a design perspective, and as a general guide, cooler tones look better with the grey/blue schemes so often found in newer properties, and warmer tones work well with the earthier colours you often see in older properties with cedar window frames or skirting and terracotta tiles roofs.

Neutral paint colours help sell homes
Neutral colours have the power to create a relaxed safe space for buyers

When you sell your home, the benefits of painting your property in neutral colours are multi-faceted

But if you still need convincing why the colours of your walls are so important, we’ve listed the main reasons below:

  1. Neutrals appeal to a wider demographic, from young people in search of their first home to retirees looking to downsize.
  2. They help reflect the light to maximise the space and space is a top priority for most buyers.
  3. They create a blank canvas where potential buyers can easily imagine their personal possessions and heirlooms in the space.
  4. Neutrals help your buyer connect with the space. They are calming and inoffensive, which helps your buyers imagine themselves living in it.
  5. Neutrals give your buyer freedom to move into a clean, light space, where there is no immediate rush to make changes. Bedrooms are gender-neutral for their kids, for example.
  6. Neutrals are timeless. They don’t age your property as colour does, e.g., avocado bathroom suites and eggplant feature walls.

Neutrals appeal to a wider demographic

Be warned, though, because there is more than one shade of white. In fact, there are hundreds of shades to choose from, so you will need to take many different factors into consideration – such as the age of your property, the colour of the flooring, and the amount of natural light your property gets – to make the right decision.

According to property stylist, Victoria Roberts:

When preparing a property for sale it is imperative that the paint colours are neutral to appeal to a wider demographic, that they reflect the style of the property and complement existing internal finishes. Shades of white are always popular, but some can appear harsh in properties with a lot of natural sunlight, whilst others can make properties appear dated and dark if there is not enough light.

Dulux has a range of popular colours such as 1/4 Lexicon, 1/2 Antique White USA and Natural White, but always do a patch test of a couple of coats first before you decide on your final colour as colours will change depending on their location, the time of day, and the colour they are painted over.”

Property styling is not about creating a soul-less, bland palette – unless your property is suited to a minimalist look – it is about creating a warm, inviting space, where the colour comes through the soft furnishings such as artworks, cushions, rugs, and decorator pieces.

So, if you have decided to sell your property, let your neutral walls create a sense of calm, light and space in your property. Save those trendy earthy colours for your new home, where you can stamp your own identity to your heart’s content.

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