Should you buy or sell in a holiday season?

March 22, 2022

Easter and the school holidays are just around the corner with Queensland the first state to kick off their break from April 2.

So, now is the ideal time - if you haven't already done so - to consider the general pros and cons of buying and selling during a holiday season.

Buying benefits

1. Less competition

With beaches and barbecues beckoning, to say nothing of chocolate eggs and hot cross buns, there can be fewer active buyers during the Easter holiday season.

As well, holiday buyers have less chance of getting caught up in bidding wars and similar.

2. More time for house-hunting

Buying a property during the holidays will mean less friends and family time but it also gives you more time to go house-hunting.

This includes looking into all the advice and research that is needed to purchase a home, particularly for first-home buyers.

Buying burdens

  1. Drawn-out legal processes

Real estate professionals including mortgage brokers and conveyancers may turn off their emails and phones during the Easter holidays.

So buyers shouldn't be surprised if the legalities behind the purchasing process take longer than usual.

Selling stars

    1. Motivated buyers

      Giving up precious holiday time to buy a home is why holiday buyers can sometimes be considered more serious and motivated than school term or seasonal buyers.

      As such, sellers are less likely to experience big crowds of sticky beakers at open for inspections and you may well also enjoy a swifter sale.

      2. Holiday staging and festive moods

      People are generally more relaxed and cheerful during the holidays and more likely to consider different price offers or at least more open to negotiations.

      The holidays also give sellers more time to decorate their homes in line with the holiday in question.

      For example, the upcoming holidays are the perfect time and place to adorn your property with Easter-style decorations to make it even more attractive, and your agent could also offer potential buyers chocolate eggs and hot cross buns!

      At the same time, don't go overboard with the cute knick-knacks and sweet treats!

      Selling snags

      1. Fewer buyers

      Again, the enticing call of holidays may likely result in less active buyers during this time.

      However, what buyers you do see will be the very keen ones so you could effectively say that this snag sorts itself out admirably.

      2. Keeping your home “show-ready”

      Your house must remain relatively clean and tidy throughout its time on market - and that includes every day during the holidays even when you'd much prefer a relaxed meal with family and friends.

      It's for this same reason that many people don't choose to sell their house in the holidays.

      3. Limited availability of real estate professionals

      As we mentioned earlier, real estate agents, mortgage brokers and conveyancers may be hard to track down in holiday periods so legal forms and queries may drag out.

      We're here to help

      At the end of the day, every real estate agent has different ideas on whether it's best to buy and sell during a holiday season or instead, wait for a school term or a particular season.

      Regardless, our most important query for you - whether you're a first-home buyer or property investor - is 'How can we help you buy or sell your home in every season, every day?'

      So, with that in mind, if you're looking for a new property, get it first before other buyers by accessing off-market, pre-market and secret listings.

      If you're looking to sell your house, we can help you save time, find the best possible agent and reach buyers first with a free listing on Listing Loop.

      Sounds pretty great, right?

      If you're a property buyer, log in to your personal property hub, or if you're not a member yet sign up for free at Listing Loop or download our app.


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