Style your home with plants

How to bring nature and life back to your indoor space

Plants have this incredible calming and uplifting effect – on both a design and health level. 

Why wouldn’t you want greenery throughout your home? There are many ways to use plants to enhance the look and feel of your rooms. Take a look at these tips for inspiration to style your home with plants.

Add a lounge room statement plant

When it comes to interior design, placing a statement plant in your lounge room is popular – for a good reason. 

A large bold plant, strategically positioned next to your sofa, creates an inviting ambience. It creates a welcoming retreat for you and your guests. 

A well-established fiddle leaf fig would be ideal in this space, as it provides scale and texture, while also remaining low maintenance.

Enhance the entry

A larger plant is also suited to the front entry of your home. It creates a vibrant green, aesthetic appeal to your home the moment someone steps through the door. 

According to Feng Shui practices, a big plant at the entrance to your home can steadily improve the luck for the whole family! However, if you do follow Feng Shui, it’s important to note plants aren’t suitable in the southwest, northeast, and northwest of the house.  

Include high humidity plants in your bathroom

Nothing beats soaking in the bath or having a relaxing warm shower after a long day at work. By placing high humidity plants in your bathroom, you can create your own personal oasis.

Plants in your bathroom add that burst of nature in a space often lacking in texture and warmth. The conditions are also beneficial for high humidity plants like the air plant, birds nest fern, or monstera plant with its iconic leaves. While you enjoy your hot, steamy shower, you’re caring for their needs too. 

If your bathroom has a lot of light, the phalaenopsis orchid is a perfect accompaniment. These orchids are visually stunning and low maintenance. They just need a wet bottom (aka roots). Place one on your vanity for an instant touch of elegance. 

Introduce hanging plants

If you have a smaller home, a floor plant may not always be the best answer. In that situation, it can actually produce visual clutter. A better option is to look up. You probably have plenty of ideal spaces for luscious green hanging plants.

A suspended glass orb terrarium with an air plant inside would be visually stunning and ideal for any bathroom.

Have a ladder or bookshelf? A string of pearls plant could be draped elegantly across it – bringing the outdoors inside and creating the illusion of space.  

Plants have a way of creating dimension, style, and permanence to a home effortlessly. 

We all know plants bring mental and physical health benefits too. So forget the fake and nurture the nature in your home. The energy and ambience will be undeniable. 

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