Are The Crazy Property Prices on Sydney's Northern Beaches Justified?

August 24, 2022

Sadly, unless they happen to be Home and Away tragics, few tourists who travel to Sydney make it beyond Manly and up to Palm Beach, the most northern point of Sydney's Northern Beaches. And that’s exactly how the locals like it.

Locals talk a lot about constructing a gate to the entrance to The Bends, the winding road that runs along the hillside of Bilgola and connects Newport to Avalon, and their delight was obvious during one COVID lockdown when the state government divided north from south.

So what makes Sydney's Northern Beaches so exclusive?

It wasn't long ago that the "insular peninsula" was only considered an option for those who bought before the area was noticed, the rich, those who could work from home, and tradies.

But in recent years, several improvements in the infrastructure have made the area more accessible. New housing developments in suburbs such as Warriewood and Dee Why have forced the government to invest in an improved bus service between Palm Beach and Wynyard in the CBD, and now that employees have greater flexibility and there is an increasing desire by Millennials and Gen Z's to live a healthier lifestyle, the Beaches have never been more popular.

But does anything truly justify Sydney's Northern Beaches' inflated property prices?

Property prices rose by an incredible 46% to the year ending September, a staggering increase by any standard. Nonetheless, buyers are prepared to pay over the odds for a small piece of real estate in paradise and it is hard to deny the appeal of the area the locals refer to as "God’s Country" when you consider its many attributes:

  1. The range and natural beauty of its beaches, from Manly to Palm Beach.
  2. The stunning and varied landscape the peninsula offers in terms of ocean beaches, Pittwater and the extensive bushland in Ku-ring-ai National Park
  3. The sought-after village lifestyle and culture found in suburbs such as Avalon, Mona Vale and Freshwater, which feel like a hybrid of Noosa and Byron Bay
  4. The improved infrastructure, which includes more new housing and better transport to the city
Why are Properties in Sydney's Northern Beaches so expensive?
Sydney’s Northern Beaches have seen a property boom. More people, especially Millennials and Gen Z's, seek a healthier lifestyle.

Living on Sydney’s Northern Beaches feels like being on holiday, permanently

For those fortunate to live there, living on the Northern Beaches feels like being on holiday, permanently, even if you must make the hour-long bus commute to the CBD. And though there is a strong emphasis on the healthy lifestyle that ocean living dictates – in terms of swimming, sailing and surfing – there is something for everyone.

If you travel along the coastal road, your first stop is Manly with its stunning beaches and opportunities to play beach volleyball, enter surf competitions, or learn how to scuba dive and snorkel. But if food is your priority, you can just as easily spend the day grazing in one of its eclectic range of restaurants or sipping cocktails at the water's edge.

Dee Why attracts a younger demographic because of its affordability and proximity to the city, The suburb has seen a prolific level of property investment in recent years, and now offers an extensive range of new units and apartments. Its growth has permeated into the Dee Why beach area with its diverse array of restaurants and cafes.

Further north, Curl Curl still has the old-world charm of '70s Australiana with its colourful weatherboard houses, unspoilt beach and rockpool, and quaint collection of local amenities.

Brookvale is the area’s commercial hub, with its extensive range of building suppliers, a revamped Warringah Mall, a selection of car dealerships, and more recently, an interesting range of breweries, beer trucks and distilleries that have sprung up - several of which focus on alcohol-free drinks.

Warriewood is home to a large cinema complex and a stunning beach that has somehow remained a secret with its position off the main drag. And a little further up Pittwater Road, Mona Vale attracts boating enthusiasts and a group of resident pelicans who keep a watchful eye on the fishermen at Bayview. Mona Vale Pub – now renamed Park House – has traditionally catered to the youth with its live gigs and an impressive selection of craft beers. The small town also services the inhabitants of Scotland Island, who boat or ferry across to Church Point for their amenities. The island is home to and an inspiration for many creatives, including writers and artists.

As an amateur swimmer, Newport Beach has (in my opinion) the best rockpool, (as long as you get the tide right and aren’t afraid of the odd landslide from the rocks above), but the suburb is also home to a growing number of fancy restaurants, bars and boutiques with fancy prices to match.

Then there is Avalon, the stunning village at the epicentre of the northern end of the peninsula that is home to a mixed demographic of young and old as well as the wealthy who have holiday homes in Palm Beach. The village also attracts a growing number of influencers and health gurus who like their oat milk cappuccinos hot and their matcha smoothies cold. 

And finally, Palm Beach, the playground of the rich and famous, is a relatively untouched piece of paradise that most Sydneysiders will visit at some time during their lives, although only a privileged few will ever be able to call it home. 

Listing Loop is the best place for a sneaky preview of the celebrity homes there. 

Properties are only worth what buyers are prepared to pay for them, but if your dream is to live in paradise, Sydney's Northern Beaches meets the brief. With the high demand for property in the area, buying and selling off-market is becoming a more popular method of buying and selling, so sign up today for FREE and download our app to access our extensive selection of spectacular off-market listings in the area.


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