Remake your home for a whole new year

March 8, 2022

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With 2022 still in its early stages, what better time is there to pick up a paintbrush and renew your tired house interiors, especially if you're planning to sell your home.

Even a simple revamp of furniture, knick-knacks and pictures can make all the difference to a room - and your property's worth and value!

Don't forget as well that people's ideals and ideas have changed during the pandemic years, with home offices now of prime importance while gardens and even basic greenery are more coveted than ever in an #iso world.

Yes, you can always stage your house for sale, but there's nothing that speaks "home" like family photos and clearly well-loved colours and furniture.

Here, we suggest some great ideas which will have potential buyers handing over their chequebook without delay.

1. Warm or cool?

Have a dark, largely sunless room that rarely sees the light? Never fear!

'Warm' colours of dusty pink, dark crimson, primrose yellow, and cream can bring an attractive cosy ambience to such areas, infusing them with relaxing appeal even on the cloudiest of days.

With bedrooms and living rooms designed for pleasant slumber and chilling out, these rooms, in particular, are suited to warm colours.

Not so bathrooms and laundries, however, where 'cool' colours make for great light for cleaning, dressing and makeup, so think bright and white along with plenty of illumination.

2. Old or new?

Chic, stylish and modern fixtures and fittings are without a doubt easier to maintain and to many homeowners and buyers, will take the cake when it comes to appeal.

But you still want to live in a house you can live with.

So, if you love vintage features and old-fashioned pieces, there's no reason why treasured antiques can't or won't make your house stand out from the modern crowd.

And in a busy, bustling marketplace where pandemics appear to rule the globe, there's definitely something to be said for olde worlde traditions.

As well, with regional and rural areas becoming more popular than ever in recent years, country inclusions in a metropolitan house can hold plenty of attractions to those stuck in the city.

3. Bringing the outside in

Talking country and nature, many of us stuck in the #iso of recent years have definitely felt the longing to get out and about and enjoy the 'green' real world again.

While the worst of such days are (hopefully) behind us, it's the rare person who doesn't appreciate the addition of even a small pot plant on a balcony, or better yet, a leafy garden and lawns.

So, for both yourself and your potential new buyers, why not add some greenery to your home, both inside and out?

While these areas certainly need regular maintenance, it's a proven fact that relaxing in such places decreases your stress and adds to your levels of calm.

And if you are the world's worst gardener, then buy up some artificial plants which while not perfect, can still look surprisingly real and will never object to neglect.

4. Cleared to work - but where?

Yet another recent change has been the move from city office to home study.

While again, this movement is slowly heading to pre-pandemic levels, the 'new normal' nevertheless means that it may never be quite the same again.

As a result, ensuring your home study is up-to-date is crucial.

This is also one of the few rooms where modernity is highly important.

Think the best of the best technology, filing systems, stationery and more; however light, bright surrounds and inspiring garden scenery will also be of great help.

Where should I begin?

Firstly, you're already saving money on your mortgage rate thanks to a 16th month-strong record low interest rate of 0.1% so in one sense, that means more money to spend on a great renovation!

But as we mentioned earlier, a renovation doesn't have to be expensive but rather, a small budget revamp that can still make a huge difference to your property's value.

So, start with a room or an area you can afford and start small.

We're here to help

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