How to create the ultimate entertainer’s kitchen

Inspiring tips to make your dream kitchen a reality

The kitchen is the heart of the home. After all, it’s where all the magic happens – a place where delicious meals are prepared, kids’ bake-a-thons are hosted, last-minute homework is completed, and guests gather for conversation. 

If you have the amazing opportunity to renovate your kitchen, this is your chance to make it really shine. But what makes the ultimate entertainer’s kitchen?

An open-plan layout 

The best kitchens for socialising are spacious and offer a seamless transition between the living, dining, and cooking zones. This means you as the host and/or cook don’t have to hide out in a closed-in room while everyone else mingles without you. 

Open plan kitchens are more relaxed and encourage interaction between the host and the guests. 

Easy to clean

When choosing the kitchen finishings, opt for easy to clean materials, like stone bench-tops, splashbacks (rather than tiles), and stainless steel appliances. 

Then you can spend less time cleaning up messy spills and splatters and spend more time enjoying yourself. 

An island bench 

Many people dream about having a generously-sized island bench in their kitchen. It’s a great multi-functional space, which provides plenty of space to prepare, serve, and dine.

To avoid having your back to your guests while preparing or cleaning, you can incorporate a sink and/or cooktop on the bench as well. Then, just add a few comfortable and stylish stools and voila! Your guests have the perfect place to perch and chat while you finish preparing the meal.

Butler’s Pantry

If you’ve got the space to work with, then a Butler’s Pantry is a must-have for the ultimate entertainer’s kitchen! 

Having a small, fully-equipped cooking and storage area off the main kitchen is perfect for hiding the piles of dirty pots, pans, and dishes. Then you can deal with it all after the guests go home.

Good lighting 

These days, lighting is often featured as a centrepiece in a modern kitchen. It’s common to see bold or unique lighting fixtures, which offer the space some character. 

Another option is to add dimmable down-lights to illuminate and soften the room as required. Just ensure there’s plenty of light over the food preparation areas – so you can easily see what you’re doing!

Music options

No entertaining space is complete without music. 

Whether you choose to install a sound system in or near the kitchen or purchase a Google Home or Amazon Echo, background music is great for both food prepping and keeping guests in a good mood.

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