What to consider when comparing broadband

May 26, 2022

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For all intents and purposes, the internet - along with social media, mobile phones and other technological joys - is here to stay and we're now far beyond the days of dial-up internet connections of the 1990s.

(Hands up if you can still remember that irritating buzzing-ringing dial-up tone, let alone the oh-so-slow connection process, to say nothing of not being able to use your landline phone while on the internet?).

Enter: broadband and enter: what to consider when deciding which broadband connection will work best for you and your home.

Read on to find out more.

Consider your everyday household needs

When it comes to deciding what kind of broadband you, your household and your everyday life require, internet speed and data limits are crucial.

So, ask yourself and your household the following questions before choosing which provider and deal are best for you:

  1. How often is each of you at home?
  2. Does everyone in the home need an internet connection?
  3. Do you work from home?
  4. How often do you use the internet?
  5. What do you use the internet for?

If you work at home every day, you'll need high speed, very reliable broadband connections and high, or unlimited, data - as opposed to someone who works in an office full-time and only uses their home broadband system for basic Google browsing and emails.

If you have a lot of kids who each have a computer (very common in this day and age!) and love their computer games on top of this, then plan for extra high-speed connections and unlimited data.

The same goes for people who love their regular Netflix and Stan - and lots of it - or who download big data files and 4K videos.

What to consider when choosing an internet provider
Internet speed and data limits are crucial to consider when choosing a broadband supplier

Consider how much you can afford

With so many providers offering so many broadband plans, it probably won't take you long to pick a plan that best suits you and your household.

But don't forget the most important point: money.

Do not press 'send' until you're positive you can afford - and/or are happy to pay for - your perfect plan.

High speed and high data plans are all very well but they can easily affect the plan prices.

Consider your ideal contract

While considering your cash, you should also think about contract types and options.

Most providers will offer a month-by-month or fixed-term contract with plan prices differing depending on which term you choose.

There are pros and cons to both types of contracts with the former type ideal for those who want to "test" a new provider and change to someone else if need be.

On the other hand, long-term contracts will often result in a cancellation fee if you back out of them early.

But the good news is that you mightn't have to pay set-up and other fees, which you would with a month-by-month contract.

As well, you might enjoy some nice bonuses.

Consider how life could change in the future

If you're planning on moving house, welcoming new friends or family members to your household or life just changes and suddenly, you find yourself working from home - sound familiar, COVID? - keep all these points in mind when deciding on a broadband plan.

At worst, you may have to back out of a contract before it expires and pay a cancellation fee.

But on this note: before you back out, try chatting with your provider about what other plans they can offer you and chances are, they'll win you over with a great new deal.

If not, there are plenty more providers and plans in the broadband sea.

We're here to help

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