7 Surprising Reasons So Many Property Owners Decide To Sell Off-Market

April 11, 2022

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Most people are aware of the obvious benefits of selling their property off-market, but few are aware of the many hidden benefits of this fuss-free, innovative method of selling property.

The hidden benefits of selling off-market is what is currently enticing discerning property owners

As the cost of living in Australia accelerates, some sellers find the cost of weekly advertising in property magazines and on real estate websites, styling costs to capture that perfect lifestyle shot, floor plans, signboards and even the maintenance of their property throughout the sales campaign to be quite prohibitive.

And that’s just the cost to their wallet, never mind the emotional toll that comes with the traditional marketing process.

So maybe it's time to ask yourself if those costs and stress are worth it?

We're not saying traditional marketing campaigns don’t work, but with a “slowing buyer demand, tighter lending conditions and affordability restraints”, we wonder whether property owners really need to fork out for these extra costs and whether the sleepless nights spent worrying about which contractor will turn up the next day or the number of strangers that will stomp over their new carpets twice a week is really worth it?

The beauty about selling off-market is you don't have anything to lose by giving it a go, and though the main benefits of this sales method are well-documented, we wonder if sellers fully understand the benefits of this method of sale - for example, its potential to alleviate some of the emotional upheaval and stress that comes with selling?

To help you make the right decision, we've compiled a list of surprising reasons property owners choose to sell off-market:

1. The process is less invasive, especially if there is a sense of urgency involved when sellers are coping with foreclosures, health issues, relationship breakdowns or even death.

2. Selling off-market suits people who lead busy lives and are time-poor.

3. It suits young families, elderly people, and even professionals who are still working from home who may find twice-weekly open for inspections exhausting to organise.

4. It gives sellers the opportunity to make a quick approach to leftover, potential buyers that have lost out on a recent sale on their street.

5. It removes the stress and social anxiety caused by the public bidding wars at auctions.

6. It facilitates a quick sale if the seller has already purchased their next property, especially when they have taken out a bridging loan and are financially exposed.

7. Some sellers believe that selling off-market helps them achieve the best result. When there is not enough stock on the market and buyers push the demand for off-market sales, certain people amongst them will pay whatever it takes to avoid losing the property.

Capitalise on buyer demand for off-market properties

Buying and selling property can be an emotional rollercoaster

Whether you're in the market for a new home or investment property, buying and selling is a highly emotive enterprise that relies on a multitude of things to go right at exactly the same time. You need good timing, a reliable group of professional people around you, some goodwill, and a healthy dose of old-fashioned luck. This is exactly where Listing Loop comes in, because...

We're in the business of selling properties quickly with minimum fuss

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In a nutshell, we make selling your property easy

Sound interesting?

Then let us help you find you an agent who can get you in the loop by listing your property with us. Instead of six weeks of pain and exorbitant costs with no guarantee of a return on investment, let us save you time, money and some new grey hairs.

And if you're still in the market to buy a property, log in to your property hub now or download our app for our latest off-market listings.


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