Australian celebrities: which interior design trends are they following?

May 24, 2023

Over the past few months, we’ve shared with you our opinions about 2023's top interior design trends as well as which of them make the best investments. During our research for these posts on decorating, gardenbathroom and home lighting trends, we noticed that trends evolve organically, influenced by global economics and events such as the pandemic and climate change. 

But they are also hugely influenced by celebrities and the media. In the same way that our celebrities influence fashion, they are also brand ambassadors for the new home decorating trends that appear in our stores.

Why are we so fascinated with celebrity lifestyles?

Reasons vary as to why the public is so fascinated by celebrity homes. Obviously, for some people, their interest stems from their passion for interior design, but for others, it is the opportunity to have a sticky beak into their idol's lifestyle, to feel closer to them in some way. 

At Listing Loop, our obsession comes from the choice of most celebrities to sell their properties off-market for the obvious benefits of greater privacy and speed. 

"Our interest in the lives of the rich has also been growing in tandem with soaring living costs,” says Dazed

Some critics suggest that this stalkerish behaviour is a symptom of watching our own dreams slip away with the increased cost of living. But we would argue that our lives are increasingly busy and research has shown that purpose and dreams are necessary contributors to happiness. Living vicariously through the lives of our favourite celebrities helps us feel closer to our own aspirations.

I was riveted by the images from the recent Oscars because even though I know I am unlikely to ever wear an Armani dress or a million-dollar necklace. But brands and designers know that, subconsciously, their stunning outfits and lavish interiors infiltrate our brains. 

Australian Celebrities: Which interior design trends are they following?
At Listing Loop, our obsession comes from the choice of most celebrities to sell their properties off-market for the obvious benefits of greater privacy and speed.

Celebrity homes inspire trends. How they decorate their homes translates into great business for homewares brands

For those who are passionate about interior design, celebrity house porn is the ultimate fix. And to prove the point, we’ve researched the homes of nine Australian celebrities who (we believe) are influencing our current interior design trends. 

Check them out below:

  1. In their recent spread for Homes to Love, Guy and Jules Sebastian's house in Sydney’s east proves why they are seen as the couple next door by most Aussies, despite their success. Seemingly down-to-earth and managing to successfully balance their family and home life with their celebrity status, the inspiration for their home is urban/industrial, according to the magazine, a functional, practical style that works for a busy couple with a young family. "Guy and Jules had a distinct style – they loved concrete, steel, glass, and black and white,” says Joe Snell, who worked with them to achieve the look. A mix of exposed architectural features, bare brick walls and stainless steel are key elements of this style.
  2. The spread of Lleyton and Bec Hewitt’s Gold Coast home in Homes to Love shows how inspired they are by the Palm Springs/Mediterranean theme. The designers of their home, “The Palms”, have used natural materials to allow the stunning coastal landscape and greenery around them to do the talking. But it is the attention to detail in “The bespoke light timber joinery…that seemingly floats throughout the numerous rooms of the home and the arches and curves in the design that add soul to the property's neutral aesthetic.
  3. According to the Vogue Living spread of the stunning New York home of Baz Luhrmann and Catherine Martin, one of the film director’s favourite sayings is: “Taste is the enemy of art.” But albeit there is an obvious maximalist influence and inevitable sense of theatricality in the styling - evidenced by their choice of rich colours and patterned wallpapers - I would argue that the aesthetic works and is very tasteful.
  4. Hugh Jackman and Deborra-Lee Furness’s East Hampton home sits at the other end of the spectrum. It is clear from their Vogue Living spread that they have embraced Minimalism in their beach house, drawing inspiration from Deborra’s travels to Japan and Morocco. “I wanted to do a beach house that allowed for the way we wanted to live,” she says, and despite the home’s monochromatic palette, those global influences make it warm and inviting.
  5. Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky’s contemporary six-bedroom, ten-bathroom home in Byron Bay sits on four acres of land and boasts what you would expect from a super-hero: a roof-top swimming pool, firepit, gym, and games room. Byron is renowned for its Boho vibe, but the mansion is more modern and minimalist in style than the traditional beach homes in the area, and its sharp lines, neutral palette, and functionality create the perfect environment for two busy actors with a young family.
  6. Jennifer Hawkins and Jake Wall are no strangers to constructing and flipping properties and having sold their last property in Newport, they have now moved on to their latest venture in Whale Beach on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Jennifer likes her interior decoration to compliment the property's landscape, and she usually opts for a relaxed, contemporary coastal look. Light timbers, a neutral palette, and an abundance of greenery and glass help capitalise on the stunning views that are found in the area.
  7. Last year, we wrote about the sale of Rebel Wilson’s stunning Sydney harbour-front home. At the time, she cited an exciting career opportunity as the reason for her move, but since then she has opened up about her new relationship and baby, so maybe love was the real catalyst. The classic/contemporary styled home with a relaxed city vibe sits on the waterfront of Balmain where its curved architecture, natural materials and infusion of pastels and moody shades, demonstrated the softer, more feminine side of Rebel's personality.
  8. Priced at a cool $74 million, James Packer’s six-bedroom Barangaroo penthouse was described by the real estate agent as “A chic, contemporary space that exists in harmony with the surrounding Sydney Harbour.” I’m not sure exactly what that means but the images show a contemporary, surprisingly comfortable, state-of-the-art residence with quality finishes and sophisticated use of colour and texture. To me, it looks like an Aussie reworking of the type of styling found in New York loft apartments.
  9. And finally, this post about celebrity homes wouldn’t be complete without another gush about the “retro-leaning” inspiration of Zoe and Hamish Forster-Blake’s Sydney home which also featured in Vogue Living. What we admire most about this project was Zoe’s love of colour and preparedness to take risks, evidenced in her brief to her designer to incorporate “elements of nanna” and Santa Monica, an approach that successfully gives the property a myriad of exciting layers.

Fortunately, good taste isn't directly proportional to how much you spend 

Your property's presentation should be a priority when you sell, but fortunately, good taste isn't directly proportional to how much you spend. What you will require is vision, a practical budget, some design expertise, and a certain level of mindfulness in terms of practicality and sustainability. 

Celebrities may appear to get it right each time because they have a team of experts at their beck and call. So, if you are thinking of selling, talk to the experts before you make any costly decisions. 

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