Bellarine vs Mornington Peninsula

October 11, 2022

The competition between Melbourne and Sydney for the best lifestyle is a hard one to call. Australians are simple people who love “chilling”, so give us a good selection of beaches, great food and wine, and we are a pretty happy bunch. What is less well-known, perhaps, is the rivalry between the Bellarine and Mornington Peninsulas, two stunning coastal areas on Melbourne's doorstep. 

Easy access from the city makes the peninsulas an obvious holiday destination for both tourists and Melburnians alike

But what is it like to actually live on them? What do you need to know before you buy a property on either peninsula? Let's take a look at Bellarine vs Mornington Peninsula. 

Well...both areas offer a similar range of attractions and their easy access from the city makes them an ideal holiday destination for Melburnians as well as tourists. The Bellarine Peninsula sits to the southwest of the city - around 90 minutes drive from Melbourne, (although there is a ferry from the Docklands to Portarlington which reduces some of the travel time) - whilst Mornington is a little closer. 

But what draws millions of locals and tourists each year to these areas is the lifestyle and incredibly diverse range of experiences they offer in terms of wineries, coastal walks, golf courses, water sports, cycling tracks, boutique shops, vintage markets and art galleries. It is this plethora of attractions that ensures the reputation of the peninsulas as Australia's most popular "places to visit".

Bellarine vs Mornington Peninsula. What sets the two peninsulas apart? 

Very little, it seems - although locals might have a different view (!) - because, for those people thinking of buying property or planning a holiday in these areas, they share similar attributes:

  • Stunning beaches
  • First-class wineries and restaurants
  • Beautiful, rolling countryside
  • Fantastic outdoor and sporting opportunities

The Mornington Peninsula is still more touristy than Bellarine, so if your idea of a perfect weekend away is to share a bar with locals rather than tourists, this may get Bellarine over the line. 

But if the main priority of your holiday is to relax and eat and drink well, Mornington Peninsula comes out top. Look no further than Tedesca Osteria, Australia's restaurant of the year for 2021, as named by Gourmet Traveller or the multi-award-winning restaurant and cellar door, Montalto.

Bellarine vs Mornington Peninsula
Bellarine vs Mornington Peninsula…what draws millions of locals and tourists each year to these areas is the lifestyle and incredibly diverse range of experiences they offer in terms of wineries, beaches, coastal walks, golf courses, water sports and more…

The wineries help float the local economy and form a large part of the social fabric of these communities 

The wineries are a big draw for both peninsulas and Point Leo Estate with its to-die-for views and incredible art sculptures is a must, while Scotchman’s Hill - which prides itself on "connecting people through wine" and is the oldest winery on the Bellarine Peninsula.

Clearly, the secret to happiness is not directly linked to wine –  up to debate, we know! – but we wouldn’t be doing our job properly if we didn’t mention that there are substantially more wineries on the Mornington Peninsula - even though both regions offer a stellar selection. But for the non-drinkers and fitness enthusiasts, there are also a wealth of top-notch beaches, stunning golf courses and even some hot springs on the Mornington Peninsula for those in search of something a bit different.

But what about buying a property on the peninsulas? How do property prices compare?

The median price house price in Mornington sits currently at $1,180,000 which incorporates the 10.3% growth the area saw between October 2021 and September 2022 and the massive 26% jump from 2020 to 2021. Despite its recent growth, investing in Mornington is still seen as a good investment due to the high rent owners can charge over Christmas and the fact that the area is unlikely to be over-developed as it is landlocked with tight building restrictions, which helps keep demand strong.

The median house price in Bellarine was $1,052,252, an increase of 6.09% over the past year after an unprecedented jump in values between 2020 to 2021 of 18.7%.

Despite recent growth, there are still deals to be had in both areas

Regional property growth has been off the charts in recent years and popular towns on the Mornington Peninsula such as Sorrento, Portsea, and Blairgowrie have all benefitted from it, but it's not too late to scoop a deal in villages such as Flinders, surfing towns like Shoreham or historic fishing villages such as Hastings. And though there is a fear that the Bellarine Peninsula will experience a similar boom to Mornington in the coming years - now that employees can work from home and with the imminent arrival of the new fast train - the recent rise in interest rates and cost of living may have stalled another huge leap in prices in the short-term. Popular areas to buy in include Point Lonsdale, Ocean Grove, Queenscliff and Barwon Heads.

Longterm, property on the peninsulas will never lose value

Property in Australia is expensive, but from an investment perspective, many of these highly prized areas are unlikely to lose value in the long term because of their proximity to the water and the shortage of good property. Both havens offer a similarly relaxed, coastal vibe and the enviable lifestyle that Melbourne is known for with its focus on the great outdoors, coffee, food and wine. Hence, the main difference between the two appears to be how busy they are. For those who prefer a quieter pace of life, Bellarine may be a better choice, but for those who like a buzz and are partial to a drop of quality red wine or two, it is hard to go past Mornington.

So, Bellarine vs Mornington realise your dream of owning a property on either peninsula, sign up with us today for free to gain access to our exclusive portfolio of off-market properties. With a ferry running between Queenscliff and Sorrento, it is easy to do your own on-the-ground research to work out which peninsula and lifestyle suit you best. But alternatively, check out our Buyer Assist service here and one of our off-market property specialists will answer any other questions you may have. For immediate access to our latest off-market listings, download our app, the first crucial step to becoming a property owner in either of these fantastic Victorian hotspots. 


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