Buying Or Selling Property: 5 benefits of a great conveyancer

May 31, 2024

Social media has created a dangerous misconception, that we can be experts at everything. A three-minute video on YouTube can turn you into a renovator. A few good shots on your phone and you're an influencer.

We've lost sight of the fact that experts earn their reputation because of the hard yards they put in, their training, learning and experience. Sure, most of us can achieve some success with DIY  - check out how in our recent blog post - but when you’re spending the sort of cash involved in buying or selling property, you must dot the i's and cross the t's.

What do conveyancers do, exactly?

Another common misconception is that conveyancers are the same as solicitors. They're not. Both are lawyers, but conveyancers specialise in property (and they're often cheaper). They are also more than paper pushers - although no one is suggesting that the job is paperless. 

So what do they do, exactly? How do they facilitate buying and selling property?

In simple terms, they:

  • Prepare and review all the documents related to a purchase or sale. They check through the sales contract (and all that small print that makes my eyes glaze over) with a fine-tooth comb. Any transaction carries certain risks, and in the case of property, they are looking for unpaid property transactions, boundary disputes, and even disaster risks. With so much else to do, you don’t want to trip up over some confusing legalese.
  • Conduct the title searches to check that the seller has a right to sell the property and zoning laws.
  • Provide a communication conduit between all parties involved in the sale.
  • Manage the financials of the transaction, including the deposit and settlement payments. 
  • Prepare for and conclude the settlement process, ensuring all documents are signed, all conditions are met, and monies are transferred on the settlement date.
  • Lodge documents to the relevant agencies so that new ownership details are correctly recorded, and nothing delays the sale.
5 benefits of a great conveyancer
The role of conveyancers in property transactions is crucial, as they handle the intricate legal aspects of buying and selling property, ensuring a smooth and secure process for all parties involved.

What could possibly go wrong?

Yes, that's a lot of paperwork! Especially if you're someone like me, with a serious avoidance issue with administration. 

Let's be honest, there are a million things buyers and sellers are responsible for during a sale, but checking the legalities shouldn’t be one of them. Fortunately, when you find a great conveyancer, you don't have to. 

Conveyancing Loop removes another pain point 

This is why we decided to further improve the property experience of our members with Conveyancing Loop, a service that is powered by Bond Property Lawyers, a leading licensed law firm made up of an experienced team of conveyancers and lawyers. Together, we've developed a streamlined and secure digital conveyancing service that removes another pain point from the buying and selling process. 

We've listed some of the ways it delivers below:

  1. It reduces your risk – With any legal transaction, the risks are too great to ignore, which is why you must work with the right team - ideally seasoned professionals. Unless you have a law degree, it makes sense to leave the legalese to those with the relevant expertise.
  2. It saves you money – This streamlined, digital service means there are no unnecessary or hidden costs. Furthermore, we can tailor the service to the needs of our members and our fixed-fee pricing makes the service affordable.
  3. It saves you time on paperwork – This streamlined, digital service is convenient and hassle-free. But don’t worry, it's backed by personalised care and a people-first approach for those who need it.
  4. It decreases your stress levels – If you’ve never sold or purchased property before, if you’re time-poor or confused about any part of the process, Conveyancing Loop will look after you.
  5. It won't waste your time – With their extensive expertise, and spanning backgrounds in real estate, mortgages, and technology, the work done by our team takes place seamlessly in the background while keeping you updated along the way.

A great conveyancer protects your rights

There is no “simple” property transaction, but the best conveyancers simplify the process for you. With a wealth of experience in your location and with your type of property, they are familiar with local laws and development plans. 

Ultimately, they will provide you with the professional and personal attention you need and deserve. Whether you're buying - and there's no better time to buy an apartment - or selling off-market, you must work with a team that understands your unique needs. 

The right conveyancer is the engine room of the buying and selling process, which is why, in our capacity as Australia’s leading marketplace for off-market, pre-market and secret property listings, we guarantee our members a better real estate experience. From your initial property search and home loan advice to your conveyancing and utility connections, Listing Loop and Conveyancing Loop transform your property experience. 

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