Common first home buyer mistakes

March 15, 2022

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You've spent years thinking about that dream first house you're planning to buy.

But within all these thoughts, don't forget to consider the following crucial details as without doing so, your dream may always be just that.

Financial details

Searching through websites to find your ideal home and going to open house inspections can be fun, but it's the time consuming part of buying your first property.

However, before you even do this, we suggest you talk to a wide range of property lenders because let's face it, how can you buy if you don't know exactly how much you can spend?

Talk to your lender as well about pre-approvals, also known as conditional approvals or approval in principle, with such details assuring sales agents that subject to conditions, you're financially A-OK to purchase a home.

Lenders with first-home buyer experience are particularly helpful when it comes to advice on which loan to choose.

For example, no-deposit or low-deposit home loans may sound great but you will have to pay a one-off lenders mortgage insurance (LMI) with such loans while other often forgotten fees include stamp duty and legal costs.

Talking fees: there are ongoing future home charges to keep in mind too such as yearly council rates, insurance, and regular repairs and maintenance.

Once you know exactly how much you can borrow, you can focus solely on the homes you can actually afford, rather than those far beyond your budget.

Advice and research, reason and logic

We agree that these concepts aren't terribly exciting but at the same time, they're incredibly important when it comes to buying your first home.

You simply can't spend enough time researching all the issues and details involved with purchasing a property.

As well, it's all too easy for first-home buyers to get caught up in the emotional excitement of purchasing a property, rather than remaining logically wary.

So, talk to people similar to yourself in terms of budget and house factors such as family and obtain advice from them on how best to buy.

Take such friends with you when you go house hunting or simply someone who will tell you their advice first up and can pull you back when you fall in love with an unsuitable home.

While in the serious house hunting stage, consider important, long-term points such as a property's location, nearby transport and amenities.

But don't be too bothered if the home needs an update, either inside or out, as such details are often fairly easy to fix.

Who better to help you?

We're not ashamed to own that helping people buy and sell homes in an easier and simpler way is our favourite bread and butter.

It really is what gets us up every morning so don't be afraid to take advantage of our Listing Loop member services whether you're a first-home buyer, property investor or similar.

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