How to buy an off-market property

September 6, 2023

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At Listing Loop we never get tired of explaining the great benefits of buying an off-market property.

But what exactly is an off-market property, how do you find one, and most importantly, how do you buy one?

What is an off-market property?

The "off-market property" line often confuses people because they think that because it's "off-market" the property is not for sale. The property in fact is for sale, however "off-market" refers to the way the property is advertised. 

Off-market properties are for sale but these properties are not widely advertised. Sellers may choose to sell off-market due to such reasons as:

  • High advertising costs of an "on-market" campaign: The average cost to market a property for sale is $5,000 to $8,000 and in some instances, this cost is in excess of $15,000. 
  • Greater privacy: There's no For Sale signboard out the front and no public open for inspections where anyone can traipse through your home. If you're selling due to a stressful or private situation, off-market sales offer a more discreet approach.

The benefits of buying an off-market property 

Admittedly, Listing Loop is biased on this issue but off-market buyers should consider the following:

  • Buying off-market offers less competition: This may increase your chances of securing the property and possibly may help you secure the property for a better price.
  • Buying off-market offers more negotiation power: With less competition, buyers have more leverage to negotiate the terms and the price of the sale.
  • Buying off-market can save you time: Organise a private inspection and spend less time attending open for inspections, auctions and trawling through online advertisements.
  • Buying off-market offers a more exclusive experience: As a buyer, you discover properties for sale that the general public doesn't know about.

Is spring 2023 a smart time to buy?

As we begin the traditionally uber-busy spring real estate season, this question is more important than ever.

Plus, we've just experienced the third consecutive month of unchanged interest rates - the first such period since rates started rising in May 2022.

But any property buyers should prepare for the fact that advertised supply levels are low - meaning it's a seller's market out there.

CoreLogic executive director, Tim Lawless, noted in the September Home Value Index report that the lower-than-average supply level remains a key factor supporting upward pressure on home values.

“We have seen vendors becoming more active though winter, which is seasonally unusual,” Mr Lawless commented. “However most of this fresh stock is being absorbed by the market".

This absorption could mean that buying off-market could be key to finding yourself a new home.

how to buy off market
Spring property market: The (current) property market is working its way through the market cycles driven by various factors such as interest rates, consumer confidence, supply and demand, economic conditions and government policies.

The first steps when buying an off-market property

As Listing Loop chief executive officer, Rhett Dallwitz, recently told Money Magazine, the off-market category accounts for around 20% of available properties in the country.

"In Australia, we have approximately 140,000-145,000 properties for sale right now on the market, Mr Dallwitz said.

"What we're saying though is that there's another 30,000 or so right now that are being promoted off-market that a lot of consumers just aren't aware of."

In this way, your off-market property could be just around the corner or at the other end of the street - but how do you buy an off-market property if you don't know that it's for sale?

Listing Loop
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Additional steps you can take

While Listing Loop is doing your legwork for you, there are plenty of other steps you can take on your off-market property journey, including:

  1. Talking to real estate agents to let them know you're keen to buy off-market
  2. Attending open homes and researching what's on-market as this will give you a better idea of locations, house quality and reasonable prices 

We specialise in off-market properties

Listing Loop is home to off-market properties, pre-market properties and more. We are proud to make discovering off-market properties easy for our members.

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