How to create a beach in your backyard

December 19, 2022

We've talked a lot about gardens and outdoor areas recently.

But for those who also love waterside living but are miles from the coast and don't have a pool, here are some easy ways to create a beach in your backyard.

Beach water

The key to any beach is water - but don't worry if you don't have (or can't afford) a pool.

Firstly, there are plenty of small blow-up and similar pools available at most department stores.

But we like the idea of using a stock tank (ie a livestock tank) as a pool.

It sounds weird, we know, but they've apparently become a popular new trend for people just like you and me.

Built of stainless steel, ensuring the water stays cool on even the hottest days, these tanks are essentially a round, freshwater plunge pool.

They're far cheaper and smaller than "real" pools and so are ideal for smaller gardens and people on a budget.

They're also available in different sizes and are lightweight and very durable - after all, they were built to be outside in the elements all year round - as well as being very easy to install. 

All you need to do is roll the tank along the ground to your preferred position - and you can change their position again whenever you like.

While stock tank pools are usually above ground, they can also be installed as an in-ground pool.

Finally, most of the stock tank pool companies we looked at offered pumps and filters with their pools.

How to create a beach in your backyard
For those who love waterside living but are miles from the coast, tank pools are an easy way to create a beach in your backyard.

Beach sand presentation

Another great thing we liked about tank pools is that they're ideal for timber decks.

The photos we've seen have featured timber decks being built around these pools, for both access and presentation.

Of course, a timber deck is not sand but you could either have a sand pit nearby, complete with all the necessary beach items such as buckets, spades, and more.

Alternatively, feel free to go all out and landscape part of your backyard into a sand castle paradise.

It can be done - but it is a little expensive and can take awhile.

We'd prefer to simply enjoy having a (much easier to clean up!) timber deck near the water instead.

Beach presentation

OK, you have your water and some sand - that's the hardest part sorted!

Now, you just have to create the background to your beach backyard, so head to your local department store and stock up on the following:

  • beach umbrellas 
  • beach chairs
  • tiki or bamboo torches, and landscape lighting
  • fire pit or barbecue (or both)

And if you want to go completely all out on your beach presentation:

  • timber bar (with cocktails of course)
  • timber walkway
  • outdoor shower
  • hammocks
  • palm trees, driftwood and shells 

Finally, don't forget Aerosol, citronella candles and similar.

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