How to ensure your new year's house resolutions aren't forgotten

March 29, 2022

With Easter fast approaching, January 1 with all its fireworks and dazzlingly inspiring 2022 resolutions feels like a lifetime ago.

Have you even kept that list of fantastic real estate plans for the year or is it buried under a mountain of tempting tomes and social invites, all far more preferable than spring-cleaning your budget and researching lenders' fees?

Here's how to make sure your impressive plans actually come to pass.

1. Just do it

Nike certainly got it right with this slogan because it still applies today to guiltily misplaced new year's resolutions.

Your resolute resolutions are most like ones you've agreed to many times in recent years but never stuck to - until now.

So even if you've conveniently lost track of your list, write them out again and don't wait for the ideal time to start it - because there'll never be an ideal time.

And just do it.

2. Unappealing appetisers

It's not enough to stare blankly at your list though.

Shut the office door, turn off the phone and instead tempt yourself with details such as the 16th month in a row (and counting) of absurdly low 0.1% interest rates.

Plunge into the fray of your bank account, investment shares and yes, even superannuation, along with spending habits and mortgage loans.

Don't be afraid to add lists to your resolution list such as your borrowing power; how much that one less coffee a week will add to your wealth and more.

Expect Excel spreadsheets and Post-it notes to become your best friends as you plan your property priorities such as location, bedrooms, garden size and cafe proximity.

3. Embrace the excitement!

You see, you've got this far so isn't that a good reason to get excited?

There will be still times when Tim Tams and a good movie will take the place of your lists and spreadsheets.

But you might be surprised to discover how the latter begins to lurk in the best of ways and become increasingly tempting as your revolutionary resolutions and their attendant excitements grow.

Yes, that's right - excitement. That one less coffee becomes a major gain, rather than a wistful loss when it means you're one step closer to a 20% house deposit and not needing to pay Lender's Mortgage Insurance (LMI).

Other catchwords such as First Home Owner Grants (FHOG) will also see your enthusiasm for real estate research surge.

If you still find yourself edging towards the couch and a coffee, reward even your lowest efforts with a quick - emphasise quick! - browse through off-market properties. If you're a Listing Loop member, these properties will be conveniently housed in your personal property hub.

So many great homes and one of them could be yours!

Now, back to work.

4. If all else fails, hit the reset button

Encouraged to be energised yet? We hope so.

But in the most positive way and even with all your best efforts, you may realise you can't achieve everything on your real estate resolutions list.

Mistakes can happen - and so can unexpected crises such as losing a job or having a familial emergency.

We get that.

So, be kind to yourself and take the time to get through these crises before reading up on your resolutions again.

Or, if a resolution is just not coming together or is simply unachievable at present, either cross it out or rehash it into something new and better.

We're here to help

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Dream home new year's resolution achieved? Tick.

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