New year resolutions every home owner should market

January 16, 2024

Regardless of whether you've bought a brand new house in 2023 or you've owned a vintage extraordinaire for decades, all homes need regular care and upkeep.

So, let's take a look at the most important homeowner resolutions you should consider in 2024.

How do I know what needs fixing?

For first-home buyers in particular, this question can be especially head-scratching.

Never fear! 

Go back to your building and pest inspection report, take note of the home's defects - and start your new year plan by fixing the major defects (of which hopefully, there won't be too many!)

If they're not already under these headlines, make a particular note of bathroom and laundry problems, as these will usually require a plumber and these tradespeople can be especially expensive.

Such problems can also expand very quickly - and damage other parts of your house - if not taken care of.

Prioritise your fixes

The key to home ownership maintenance is prioritising where your money should go.

Renovations are in a different category again to must-have maintenance fixes - but they will still need to be prioritised.

At the same time, don't be too worried if you can't fix all your home's major defects in your first year of ownership.

Your budget in this year is likely to be low - plus new and confusing - as you get used to paying council rates and other such fees and costs.

But do aim to fix one major defect - or at least a minor one - in your first year with the home.

Then, make a note to fix the next most important ones in 2025 and so on.

Your building and pest inspection tradesperson should be able to help you with prioritisation and they may also be able to fix the issues themselves or recommend someone who can.

When you're spending your own money - rather than having a landlord spend their's - on crucial issues, you'll quickly learn how to financially prioritise home maintenance points.

So, while you may love to purchase a pretty birdbath for the garden, such items may simply have to wait till another year.

Then again, you may choose to treat yourself to such items if you receive a Christmas work bonus - or you could ask friends and family members for such items as a birthday gift.

new year resolutions
In your first year of homeownership, it's essential to prioritise major fixes over aesthetic upgrades. Your New Year's resolution could be to tackle at least one significant maintenance issue and plan for future repairs.

Important maintenance resolutions

  • Keep adding to - or start - a home maintenance repair fund  - how much money you add to this fund will depend a lot on what your home needs - and what you'd like it to have. But having a repair fund - particularly for emergency repairs - will prevent the worst financial surprises.
  • Termite inspections - there is no hard or fast rule as to how often you should organise these but most recommend once a year is best.
  • Smoke alarms - these should be tested every month (press the central test button on the alarm with the tip of a broom handle); cleaned regularly - or at least every six months; have their battery replaced annually; and be completely replaced at least every 10 years.
  • Roofs and roof gutters - again, there are different thoughts as to how often roofs should be checked but most websites recommend at least once a year. Roof gutters should be cleaned once - preferably twice - a year, although this depends on your gutter capacity and surrounding vegetation. We also recommend having a professional tradesperson complete these jobs (unless you feel completely safe climbing up a ladder and working on a roof).
  • Window and door seals - air leaks can result in high electricity bills so check for them at least once every year. How? We liked what one website advised: "Take a lit candle and walk by your window indoors. If the candle starts to flicker, you know you have too much draft coming through".
  • Change and clean facilities - air conditioner and heater filters need regular cleaning and it is best to do so at the start of a new season. Don't forget to also clean in and around your dishwasher and fridge.
  • Installing air conditioners and heaters - for cheaper prices and quicker installations, organise to have these facilities organised in the "opposite" season i.e. install air conditioners in winter and heaters in summer.
  • Trim and check your trees - places like Melbourne in particular feature many deciduous trees, making winter the perfect time to check - and if need be, trim back - such trees. Either way, make sure trees close to your home are checked at least once a year.

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