The five top reasons to buy and sell property in winter

July 1, 2023

Surely, I can't be the only one who struggles with the cooler temperatures in Sydney during winter? In general, Australians are known for their grit, nevertheless, the seasonal drop in temperature always hits us hard, mainly because our homes aren’t built to withstand the cold. I know many migrant Brits like myself who spend the three months of winter stuck to their heaters or permanently cocooned in a puffer jacket.

With the recent interest rate rises, buyers have more to think about than the season

But despite what you may have heard, buying and selling property in Australia during the winter months has its benefits. Though our mornings and evenings are definitely chillier, the clear blue skies common to Sydney's winters, for example, ensure that properties often look their best during this drier time of year, and states and suburbs further south benefit from the cosy appeal of open fires and woodfired stoves. Let's be honest, few images encapsulate the concept of "home" for us better than a family sitting together in front of an open fire.

Furthermore, as the allure of the beach dips over the cooler months, many of us finally find the time to get around to those chores around the house we put off during the hotter months, and they get us thinking about real estate again. 

"Stock levels fluctuate, not buyers." Belle Property

There are a multitude of different reasons why vendors decide to sell and it is important to remember that a motivated seller is unlikely to worry about the season. Job changes, overseas relocations, deceased estates, and divorce are some of those reasons that don’t care about the temperature, and with the recent rises in interest rates - which we discussed in our recent end-of-financial-year summation - some buyers are definitely experiencing FOMO.

The 5 tops reasons to buy and sell property in winter
From the seller’s perspective, a beautiful wood-fired stove or firepit can be great selling points, and for buyers who have any concerns about insulation or a property's ability to withstand extreme weather, winter is probably the best time to view it.

In winter, buyers have more bargaining power, sellers get more "serious" buyers 

Admittedly, spring has historically always been regarded as the optimum time to buy or sell real estate – mainly because of the effect of the warmer weather on our gardens/presentation - but there are always buyers and sellers out there, waiting to find the perfect property. From those looking to up or downsize, to international investors desperate to buy into our Aussie lifestyle, there is always a market.

 Let's take a look at the benefits of buying and selling in winter: 

  1. The likelihood of a quicker sale – Committed buyers and sellers don’t want to mess around, so generally they are keen to make a quick sale before the market heats up in spring. A quicker sale is one benefit of selling off-market because, without the time required for a full marketing campaign, vendors can get straight down to the nitty-gritty.
  2. Your team of real estate professionals has the time to prioritise your needs - From mortgage brokers and conveyancers to real estate agents and property stylists, the team of professionals involved in your purchase or sale are likely to be quieter at this time of year, which means they can focus on your needs. This is particularly beneficial for those parties who want a quick settlement, for example. It should also be noted that removalists and furniture rental companies are also less busy at this time of year and may offer winter "deals" or be more open to negotiating their fees.
  3. You stand to get a better deal – With less competition, it makes sense that buyers who purchase from motivated sellers have more bargaining power, although, with the recent rises in interest rates, there is also pressure on many buyers to lock in their mortgage before any more increases. Sellers may also benefit from winter deals in terms of reduced marketing and styling costs. Let's not forget, the sale price is not the main motivation for all sellers, some are more interested in a quick sale or flexibility in terms of their timing.
  4. Some properties show better in winter and buyers get a better sense of the robustness of a property in winter. Presentation is key when selling real estate and many agents believe the views are a lot cleaner in winter. Furthermore, buyers are more clear-headed when they are not forced to contend with humidity for forty-degree scorchers. From the seller’s perspective, a beautiful wood-fired stove or firepit can be great selling points, and for buyers who have any concerns about insulation or a property's ability to withstand extreme weather, winter is probably the best time to view it.
  5. Less competition – When it’s cold outside - and you may be feeling this right now – many of us are more reluctant to leave the house, so those buyers who turn to inspections are likely serious buyers. And when you sell off-market, the buyers are specifically targeted, so they are even more motivated to buy. The school holidays in July further diminish the pool of buyers and stock which gives motivated sellers a better chance of selling quickly and serious buyers a better chance of snapping up a bargain.

“If they are ready to buy, they won’t let the season hold them back,” says Belle Property

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