What does a buyer's advocate do?

July 26, 2022

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What does a buyer's advocate do?

At Listing Loop, we pride ourselves on our extensive range of services, and we are always looking for new ways to enhance our member offer. One service we are particularly proud of is BUYER ASSIST, in which we give our members the option to work with a trusted buyer advocate.

What is a buyer’s advocate or agent?

While purchasing a new property is an exciting challenge for some, for others, it can prove a stressful experience, particularly in a competitive property market. Buyer advocates support you through the buying process every step of the way, which means they are a godsend for those buyers who are time-poor or not confident about their buying process.

In real estate, the early bird catches the worm

The other obvious benefit is having someone with their ear always to the ground for the best deals. But not only do our buyer advocates keep abreast of our latest off-market listings, but they also free up our members’ time by carrying out the initial search and evaluation of available properties and shortlisting the ones that meet their criteria. Buyer advocates offer professional advice and strategies to ensure a successful purchase and (as the interiors blog “Homes to Love” points out), they possess great insider knowledge and the ability to interpret “agent speak” or real estate lingo.

If that's not enough, once our buyers find their dream home, buyer advocates negotiate for it on their behalf to secure it at the right price.

Every buyer needs the "insider knowledge" of a buyer’s advocate to stay one step ahead of the game

When I began the search for our first family home, I was a busy working mum, trying to juggle new parenthood with my career and it wasn't long before the stress set in. Compromised by the need to find a property in the catchment of the local schools we had earmarked for our children, I was disappointed by the limited range of uninspiring listings that came up in my searches and found fitting in open for inspections around Saturday sports a real headache. My husband and I couldn’t even find the time to sit down together to agree on the priorities for our new home, and we would have jumped at the chance of some extra support like the Buyer Assist program. 

What does a buyer's advocate do?
Purchasing a property can prove a stressful experience and this is where a buyer's advocate can help. So, what does a buyer's advocate do?

Buyer advocates are a crucial piece of the puzzle for some buyers

Mine were the typical pain points some buyers experience when they buy a property, which is why Listing Loop adheres to the advice of Richard Branson when it comes to customer service. He says, “The key is to set realistic customer expectations, and then not to just meet them, but to exceed them — preferably in unexpected and helpful ways.”

Though we don’t like to blow our own trumpet too often(!), Listing Loop likes to exceed its customer expectations, and the benefits that our team of buyer advocates bring to the table are too considerable to ignore. That’s why our Buyer Assist service is an option for those who lead busy lives, find the buying process overwhelming, or are simply not confident in their negotiating skills.

In a nutshell, buyer advocates make the buying process more seamless, but to help you gain a clearer understanding of their efficacy, we've listed below the three main benefits, when you ask, what does a buyer's advocate do: 

  1. They save you time - It is great to have a choice, but too much choice can feel overwhelming for some people. Our buyer advocates have the expert knowledge and experience to handle the initial search for your property by filtering through our many listings and narrowing them down to the ones that best align with your requirements. The service is particularly handy for those buyers not familiar with the area in which they are searching.
  2. They save you money – Not everyone is comfortable “talking money”, but our team of buyer advocates are experienced negotiators who remove this particular pain point so you achieve the best result.
  3. They reduce your stress – Frankly, any service that saves time and money must reduce stress. We talk about “wingmen” often in our blog posts because that’s how we see our role in the purchase of a property. We make it our mission to facilitate every step of the buying process with our extensive range of services, from access to our impressive portfolio of off-market listings to partnering you with one of our buyer's advocates, who, because they are emotionally detached from the purchase, are not afraid to negotiate hard on your behalf.

Buyer advocates will negotiate hard on your behalf

The news on the street is that we are transitioning to a buyer's market. Let's look at the US...more than half the buyers in the US use a buyer’s agent, so there's clearly a reason for that. For a small fee, we give you the option to let our buyer advocates do the groundwork for you, leaving you the energy and time to do the fun parts of buying a new home. Click here for more information about the many ways Buyer Assist can help you. And for access to our extensive portfolio of off-market properties and services, download our app and sign up with us here today for FREE!


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