Home office design: Seven stylish room dividers for a productive workspace

May 20, 2023

If you don't have a spare bedroom to convert into your home office, how do you pull off a stylish workspace in your living area?

Despite the initial push by the government to get staff back into the office, employees have spoken up and admitted they like working flexibly

Happy employees are more productive

Fortunately, many employers are finally seeing the full range of benefits that come with remote workers. Research has proved that happy workers are more productive, so as long as their employees agree to their work-from-home policies and they see no drop in their productivity, they're happy to give them the option.  

Though it's not for everyone, working remotely offers obvious benefits. For parents, in particular, it gives them more time with their kids, saves on childcare and travel costs, and provides more opportunities for them to work on their physical and mental health. 

However, it does mean the onus is on them to design a home workspace that meets their employer's expectations. And in the case of units or smaller properties - where finding the private space for a home office is more challenging - successful designs often hinge on room dividers to create that crucial separation from the rest of the property.

Room dividers create that crucial separation from the rest of the home

Undoubtedly, good space planning, furniture and lighting, the requisite technology, and even paint colours are the core components of a good home office. But the employee's ability to focus and disconnect from the rest of the world is tantamount to productivity. 

Avoiding distractions is tantamount to productivity

Room dividers are an effective solution for those who must work in a communal area of their home, particularly high-traffic areas. And fortunately, their design has come a long way since those ugly, brightly-coloured felt screens that were such an eyesore in open-plan offices in the past. 

The current, wide range of design options allow employees to customise their home workspace into one that is not only comfortable, but meets the needs of their individual work style and interior decorating aspirations. 

For young Australians, many of whom prefer open-plan living, room dividers create a self-contained workspace without destroying the all-important "flow" of their property. 

Let's look at the options: 

  1. Hanging and sliding room dividers – These can be made out of a wide range of materials including acrylic, resin, or light wood and they usually hang from the ceiling or are affixed to the walls. Because of the fixings, they aren't the best solution for renters.
  2. Freestanding panel room dividers - These are a more stylish version of the original office screen but you can customize them with whichever finish complements your style or scheme, e.g. Shutter folding screens give a more rustic feel and fabric screens give a softer feel that work well in bedrooms. Folding dividers are also cheap to put together so they make easy DIY projects – some MDF and hinges from Bunnings will do the trick – and they are a good option for renters.
  3. Curtains are a stylish option. However, thicker fabrics block light and sheer fabrics won’t mute noise.
  4. Open bookcases – These give a contemporary vibe to your space and one benefit – from the cheaper Ikea versions like Kallax to the more expensive, solid wood versions – is that they create storage as well as privacy. These units also allow natural light through them, which helps maintain "flow" through your space.
  5. Plants – There are numerous benefits to adding plants into your space, from health to design. Furthermore, with our increasing passion for sustainability - one of the top interior design trends of 2023 - and our greater appreciation for nature, they are unlikely to go out of fashion. Style options include plant hanging poles, a row of potted plants or a vertical garden.
  6. Shoji screens – We stole this idea from the Japanese, and in our move towards minimalism, they are becoming increasingly popular. The best part about this design - seen here in the 5 Panel Divider from Temple & Webster - is that the rice paper allows diffused light into your room.
  7. Permanent room dividers – These can be created from any material, but bamboo, glass bricks, and timber are just a few examples. The benefit of a permanent divider is it offers stability and permanence; the downside is you can't take it with you when you move and there is no opportunity for design flexibility in your space.
Home office design: Seven stylish room dividers for a productive workspace
Room dividers are an effective solution for those who must work in a communal area of their home, particularly high-traffic areas. And fortunately, their design has come a long way since those ugly, brightly-coloured felt screens that were such an eyesore in open-plan offices in the past.

Buyers want a home office

Ideally, many of us want the choice to work part of our week from home, but homes are getting smaller, so we must consider the space available carefully. Whilst privacy, lighting, noise reduction, and functionality are all major considerations, a workspace that blends in with the rest of the property will also facilitate productivity. 

Property stylists encourage vendors to create a home office or workspace when they present their property for sale for a reason: because home offices are now a non-negotiable for many buyers

There's a wealth of information that sellers should understand about what motivates buyers and when it comes to selling off-market, we are experts. For the best advice about how to style your home or investment property, book a consultation with one of our experienced team who will take you through the benefits of our Seller Assist service. This gives you access to a group of property specialists whose job it is to remove the pain from the selling process, allowing you to focus on your next purchase.  


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